Matching animal potential to climate and feed resource

TitleMatching animal potential to climate and feed resource
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsOrskov, ER
JournalJournal of Animal & Feed Sciences
Keywordsacclimatization, adaptation, Animal Science: Animal Physiology and Biochemistry (Excluding Nutrition) [LL600], climate, native livestock, resource utilization, reviews, stress

The ability of indigenous animals to adapt to climate and quality of feed resources and to fluctuating supply of nutrients is outlined. It is argued that the intensive animal production systems adapted in many industrialized countries has generally been based on selection for single traits e.g. milk, meat, wool, etc. and largely under human control of the environment. This contrasts with the indigenous animals in less industrialized countries which are largely multipurpose but exposed to environmental control. Moving single purpose animals from human controlled environments into areas of environmental control causes lots of problems of mortality as animals have to some extend lost their ability to respond to environmental stresses (e.g. climate, quality of feed resources, fluctuating supply) and often die