06 November 2009
We arrived eventually last night in Cambodia.  There were six of us from Vietnam and we are in the country now about 120 km from Phnom Penh.  It has been a very nice trip and we have done nothing really professionally but had a lovely dinner then had a rest and then to the car again to see some wonderful Buddhist temples.  These temples show example of two mountains built by women the woman had the highest mountains after that man had to came and ask the woman to marry them not the other way round.  Anyway we will continue tomorrow to see some more good farms and then back to Phnom Penh for the evening.  We had a lovely dinner eating insects, buffalo meat and wild pig meat.  Professionally it has not really been very good yet.

07 November 2009
We went to cell agric after the morning meeting then we went to a very funny restaurant funny for me at least.  They had some local fish but then they came with six live chickens or cockerels alive and then they were given to Borin and he chose three of them they were immediately slaughtered and the feathers taken off and cleaned and fried.  It took them about 15-30 minutes and then we were sitting on top of the table to eat it all fish, chickens the lot together with some cold beer.  We were 10 people I think and total price was about $40.  With us it would have been something quite different.  Last night again we had a fantastic meal.