14 July 2009
I am writing now from Quality Hotel where I often stayed when I am here in Indonesia.  I left yesterday morning and had to spend all day in Amsterdam airport  to travel cheaper Ali Agus is the leader this time we have to go to a meeting in Purvokarto capital  of the province for the Animal Nutrition Society (ANI) meeting.

15 July 2009
Today has been a little bit boring infact I went out for meal at the art gallery opposite the airport all-alone.  Tomorrow going to give some lectures and then going to Wonolagi to visit the school.  The food we were getting is very nice and the background music lovely.  The meeting is going to be good I believe.

17 July 2009
Going to travel to Purvokarto today to attend this meeting on animal nutrition.  Today I am sitting in my office here having lunch alone when our Muslim friends are out praying. 

18 July 2009
Today my paper went down very well I think.  Took more time than usual the Indonesian Nutrition Society is very much international.  We went to see a dairy farm this evening owned by the state not very good in my opinion.  Tonight was funny there was a meeting of the committee etc. and after the meal singing so I was singing together with a professional the solo song I like so much.  Tomorrow late afternoon we are on the way back to Yogyakarta I liked the trip; many people liked to be photographed with me quite embarrassing but difficult to refuse.  Came down to Yogyakarta by car from Purvokarto on the Sunday night again in Quality Hotel. 

20 July 2009
Monday was an official holiday I went by taxi first to Yakkum to buy from the handicapped people.  When I came there the shop was closed but then I got the girl who sends e-mail to me to come to the shop.  It was nice and we got a few items I was asked to get. Then I went to Malioborough Street to buy a few things.  In the evening had dinner with Novi and his wife and two children in the Gallery Restaurant.  Just a nice place where I often been before.  Today not too much done spent some time completing my e-mail largely due to correspondence from Colin Tudge.  I had dinner with Ali Agus and wife and also Bu Lies and her husband.  We are going to Prembanan to the Hindu temple where the food is so good where the environment so nice and good.  Tomorrow on the way back again to Scotland.

22 July 2009
I am now in Jakarta Airport on way back.  I got the afternoon flight which is little bit earlier so I could not check in when I came to Jakarta but I found some work I could do on the computer.  When I came to check in I found the girls there who knew I was coming for my ticket.  I had talked to them before about our goat products so nice recognition Bu Tri came to say hello in the lounge where I am now.  Nowhere else in the world could it do that but its KLM and the lifetime platinum card also helps.