15 May 2009
Cambodia is part of our new Delphe project mainly to do with goats.  We arrived on the 13th May and simply had a relaxed time now I have got for two days 14 students to teach I am not really sure  what else we are doing here The teaching was simply the principles of nutrition etc. in any case they seem to enjoy it last night we had dinner with Samnang my old student who I have known for years and then we all went across the Mekong River and nice meal lovely weather for evening meal outside today again continuing lectures with the students and this afternoon went to the Russian  market as they call it fantastic market what else tonight I also had dinner with Borin and a couple more then had a little session at Internet. Tomorrow we are going to see some more farms.

17 May 2009
Staying now in Comfort Style Hotel Phnom Penh yesterday was again a lovely day we travelled out across the Mekong River with the whole group of students to visit farmers groups keeping goats.  It was a very poor village I had a whole stack of children’s clothes with me which we then distributed.  I should have had much more with me we had dinner in a village then back across the river on a very special boat with people crossing $1 per person there were cattle and motorbikes and our minibus as well. Strange boat then in afternoon four students went with me to visit the city it was wonderful we also went to a museum dominated by many Buddhist statues but then we went also to the Royal Palace. Inside the Royal Palace there was a band and I showed some interest in what they played then they asked me to come and play in the band so I was playing on two instruments in the band one of which was a big drum. it was very nice and big experience probably not many have tried that!  Then again crossed the Mekong River with the students and then back with the Durian fruit to the office and I went for dinner with some other students and then came back.  When I came back, Samnang and his family were at the hotel waiting for me.  Now on the way back I have to go to the airport with Borin at the airport Borin came to collect me but the students who said last night they would come were not there but when we came to the airport they had taken a motorbike and was waiting for me there   It was nice so now on the way to Kuala Lumpur where I have to wait for eight hours before flight back to Aberdeen.  Has the trip been worth it? Not the best but Vietnam is easier than Cambodia teaching students was nice but this was not really the objective of the project.