13 March 2009
I arrived in Indonesia two days ago arriving on the 10th of March had a bit of problems and got in too late to Jakarta; fortunately the plane to Yogya was also delayed so I managed to get in okay.  Kustantinah was waiting for me for 2 hours in Yogya The first day we had some meetings with a new Dutch group who wanted to collaborate with us .I do not think it is going to be very successful.  Second day we went to Wonolagi to see the goats there and particularly the new bridge.  How wonderful to see the new bridge.  The school out there is doing well and from our support they have built a fish pond and also new toilet facilities.  Today has been also a brilliant day.  We went to see Bu Yunis dairy goat project.  It was in brilliant shape all the goats doing well.  In fact the owners have found that they can sell the goat urine which could be sold for 1,000 Rupiah per litre as fertilizer.  I told him they have to produce more if you give goats, some salt and plenty of water to drink.  They will produce more urine.  Last night we went to Prembanan also how wonderful.  What a fantastic place to eat and today I have also been lecturing from 7 – 9 in the morning to a group of S2 or MSc students.

16 March 2009
We were in Kwarasan again yesterday and this time to do some filming for the Orskov Foundation. I did many interviews with the farmers.  It is now about nine years since we started our work here with community goat project.  It has been so nice to see so much success the farmers who have each sold 30 goats arising from the first donation of two pregnant goats from which they have been able to buy furniture for their houses and to buy medicine and school uniform for their children; such a joyful experience.  At the moment I am working in my office to set up some proposals for the Dutch project.  This morning I also had visitors from Malaysia who wanted to see me to go to some meeting in Malaysia in June but it is going to be a bit of a problem for financing this time.  I also went to a market for repair of my watch they decided they did not want anything and refused payment because it was so easy.  In Aberdeen they wanted £90 and even then they could not do it.  How about that for Aberdeen?  I am now in Malang Brawijaya guesthouse.

18 March 2009
We have now to set up the Orskov Foundation project with goats set up by Trianti whenever we comeback there was singing in the department they always do that on a Wednesday and Friday I like to sing with them so we have some wonderful time in the university in the evening.  They are much more cheerful in a way than University in Yogya is.  Also lecturing there and this was different.  It was a telecommunication lecture where there were five Indonesian universities who were listening.  Yesterday afternoon we drove out to the goat project there were 15 members of the new goat project.  It was so sad yesterday morning one of the farmers who was collected feed for a new goats somebody was sawing down trees then one tree fell down hit another tree which fell down on him and killed him immediately.  So we had to start off our meeting by going to his house for condolences.  He was already buried his brother was with him and broke three of his backbones so he is in hospital.  So back to the opening it was as usual a joyful occasion.  The goats were only bought two days earlier so the farmers just got to take them back.  I had to give a goat to the leader as usual.  It was so nice.  I also brought some children’s clothes for the village which was nice and we all went to sing the solo song I have now a CD with the solo song with Indonesian text.  Joyful evening with friends from Malang including Trianti.  This afternoon will to go to Jakarta again .I will meet up with Dewanti from Lombok.

29 April 2009
I had a lovely time in Jakarta I met up with Dewanti and her family.  April has been a wonderful month.