15 November 2010
I am at the Bangkok airport on the way to Cambodia. Left yesterday (Sunday) afternoon after church to go to Amsterdam and Bangkok. Here I have to wait for 5 hours but got permission to stay in the lounge which is very comfortable.

I will be at the meeting today. I hope the meeting will be nice. I should have gone to the Mekarn meeting in Laos. We will be close to Angkor Watt when I was visiting many years ago. Merapi is still causing problems from the eruptions causing lack of food for human and animals in the affected area. The eruption started 2 days after I left last month.

19 November 2010
I am at Bangkok airport again this time on the way back. It was a nice visit but so many things happened. I met up with Thanh in the airport and she was going to be part of the Delphe project. Next day morning we all went to Kampong Cham province of Cambodia to start our discussion on future work and how it could be organised. Borin was also there having come back from the meeting in Laos where I should have been. It was a bit boring meeting but had to take part. I hope it will be a good project. We had a good evening session with good food etc. The hotels were reasonable.

The second day we went out to meet up with the practical problems in agriculture. Not so clear, we had little conversations with the farmers. Late in the afternoon we spent about four hours on the road to Siam Rep and had another good meal before it ended. The next day we went to see some agriculture around Siam Rep where Angkor Watt is one of the many temples with much history. I saw it some years ago. This is a fantastic place so much history. I will have to write about Buddhist temple but when they were built mixed with Hinduism and Buddhism. Cambodia has so much history almost impossible to explain and it has to be seen; so difficult to write in a day.

It was very friendly; several people were at the airport to see me off. They want me if possible to come to Cambodia again to lecture. Not sure if it can be paid for from the Delphe account as BC has reduced the payment quite a lot. So where from here? Well next week to Egypt. Hope it will be OK. TinTin may be coming but not sure. Here at the airport I accidentally met Chirley Tarawali from ILRI. What a coincidence? She had been to attend the conference in Laos but not the Mekarn meeting. I meet her several times last time at ILRI meeting in Delhi that Iain Wright invited me to attend.
Now in Amsterdam. When I came to the plane my seat was taken and since I had my platinum card I got the first class seat instead, comfortable from Bangkok to Amsterdam. So there I was to wait four hours but in the lounge. Looking back on the project, probably a bit disappointed but hope the project will be good.