2 August 2010
This is terrible. Arrived in Indonesia, no problem by air and was collected by TinTin to be taken to University Hotel. I did not like this hotel too much. So next day Bu Lies and TinTin found the hotel, Sahid Raya where I had often stayed before. Alex Clark also stayed;  he came with me some years ago.

Well today we have been to a big celebration of TinTin for her professorship. Traditions in Indonesia, she had invited about 600 people for the morning ceremony. There were about 20 professors including me. We all had to be dressed in black and white and a large hat on top; quite something. Then a large dinner and speeches.

The first week was lectures and preparation for the lectures. Then 3 days were lectures. Nice classes with about 40 students, mainly S2 and S3 but also some good undergraduate students. It was a nice experience. I was glad I could contribute.

3 August 2010
Went to Malang to visit Trianti and her goat project in the country. It was a busy 24 hours; left at 5 am and at 7 am to Malang and 10 am to the project. We were back in Malang at 2 pm and then were rushed to the airport at 5pm. Then I found out that I have lost my camera, which I missed so much today to take pictures of the events. The goat project is going well but they want more goats. The system of artificial insemination with Boer goats and for farmers to indentify oestrus was difficult but all seem well now.

4 August 20101
I had dinner with Bu Lies and Ali Agur and his wife and two of their children. So off again tomorrow. Joan has gone on holiday with Torben so I will be alone at home for about one week, first time for a long time. Joan of course has been alone so many times.

Now about my stomach; I still have problems. I have already seen two doctors and should have been at the hospital bed tonight to be screened by a tube which takes photos inside. But the beds were full and I decided not to as I am heading back tomorrow. I had been fasting all day to be screened but had to take medicine to empty the intestines so it could be photographed. I did not want to do this alone anyway.

I almost forgot, we had a formal or less formal examination of the thesis by Joko Daryatmo whom I have supervised. This was all about anti parasitic properties of Indonesian plant parts. Mainly plant or trees eaten by goats.  Very good indeed which substitute anthelmintic drugs sold by greedy western companies when the plants doing the same job are outside the door for nothing.