27 March 2010
Now in Yogya. Went to Surubaya to go to Malang international meeting.  Was met in Surabaya by Trianti and a driver. We then arrived at the guesthouse in Brawaijaya at 12:20, quite late as I was keynote speaker that day. Managed it and I think the talk was quite good. It was a wonderful audience with good humour. So many friends to meet again. The first evening was welcome party. Had to sing a bit and dance. Solosong and Trianti were the main entertainers but a wonderful party. Next day the same good spirit. Went to visit Trainati’s family. One of the daughters had become a most fantastic singers at 13 year old. Then next day visiting the research facilities and insemination centre. Then in the afternoon am off to the airport;  so much traffic at the place near Surabaya where mud is still coming up from the crack I have mentioned before. The four of us arrived at the airport. Pak Ifar was there too. Then had some problems at the plane. Seems like there is no place for me in the plane though had my ticket ok. Never had that before but got off to Yogya. Was at the lecture early in the morning for 2 hours and also in the afternoon and then a visit to the place where we will have a goat show; the project supported by Orskov Foundation. This will be the main place today. I really look forward to that. Now down for breakfast. Have taken with me some children clothes so look forward to a lovely day.

28 March 2010
The goat show was as expected a wonderful occasion as expected. So many families involved presenting their lactating goats and young non pregnant goats. So many prices both for good management and also for look and condition of the goat. Such a happy occasion for the Orskov Foundation.

In the evening all concerned had dinner together. TinTin came with two children she had to look after as her sister’s brother in law had died so the parents had to go and attend the funeral in Jakarta. Today has been more relaxed. It is Sunday and went to the few shops selling souvenirs in silver but also Rotary stall I had been asked to get Rotary ties from. Then went for a small trip to Malioborough Street, the famous shopping street in Yogya and got a few things to sell I hope! Tomorrow is the big day.  I have to first lecture the first year students and then take part in the examination of Wigate, my PhD student. This is a very formal affair I am told. I have never actually attended one before. So busy day tomorrow. Day after tomorrow I am off to the Bogor in West Java via Jakarta. Busy here but especially the goat show was such a wonderful occasion. Wigate was financially supported by me but she has paid back.

29 march 2010
Lectured today to first year students. Very nice I think. I had them excited; they were begging for my card but I ran out of them. Then Wigate’s examination was very formal. We were dressed in black clothes and with a large black hat. Never tried anything like it before but very friendly and good humour but also very serious. Wigate had all her family there; her husband and the two kids. Very nice and different. When you get a PhD here, you are classified into one of the three groups; excellent; first class or passed. Not as with us where you either fail or got it!

Tomorrow off again to Bogor. Tonight Bu Lies had insisted TinTin and I had dinner in their house so may go back early as have to start early for Bogor. Several years since I was in Bogor. I will stay for two days and then back to Scotland again. Was paid a salary today for examination; Rupiah 295,000 i.e. about 35 USD. I will also be getting paid for supervising her which I did not expect. They also paid for my ticket from Surabaya to Yogya. This would never happen in Scotland.

1 April 2010
Now in Amsterdam airport on my way home. Arrived in Jakarta no problem and Dr Dewi was there to meet me to go to Bogor which was about 2 hours drive. First booked the hotel and then went to speak at a meeting for students and staff for about 2 hours. It was as in Yogya, a nice experience. So much participation of the staff. I gave virtually the same lecture as I gave in Brawijaya. It seemed that nobody had been at that meeting. We had a wonderful party at night with singing in a nice restaurant. I had to sing too. The next day they wanted a discussion on how to the University can become more international. Difficult subject but Bogor University or IPB seem to be the largest University at least in Asia dealing with animal nutrition. They seem to write very little. They need an Indonesian Animal Journal written in English, perhaps and with emphasis on tropical animal production. Anyway they want me to come back. Then to Jakarta. I had to buy some Batik shirts for Abdulrazak very large in size.  I go to Kenya in May.