8 March 2010
Now in China. Joan is with me. We arrived at night as expected. Had a bit of problem with luggage at Beijing; was booked to Hangzhao etc. We were met in Huangzhoe by two girls, Mao from Hangzhao, a very close friend  and Huang Yi from Nanning who came to visit us some years ago. She is now doing a PhD here. Then we went to University Hotel and was met by Liu and his family. We went out for a welcome party. Suddenly two people from Macaulay turned up, such a surprise.  The world is very small. A student is looking for a flat in Aberdeen. Maybe he can stay in Chen’s house. Huang Yi came to have breakfast with us. Had to go to the firm producing feed additives. It has been a nice day. I gave a lecture on protein protection. They all wanted photos of me. We again had dinner with the group including Huang Yi. Tomorrow lecturing all day but I am enjoying it. They call themselves my grand students since Liu, their boss was my student.

9 march 2010
Had a nice dinner with the students, so many photos were taken; so many things to discuss. I told them about future research and made stories of my research days. In the evening, three including Huang Yi came with us first for a nice meal then to the local market. Tomorrow off to Nanjing. Never been there before. Going by train quite early in the morning at 6:45 in the morning.

10 March 2010
Left very early to catch as early train to Nanjing is about 4 hours. It was such a fast train. Wish we had trains like it. Was met by friends. Had dinner with a group of people I know; there were the two people from UK. Then afternoon as tourists. Nanjing was very important old city. We went to Mauseleum of he first leader of Kummengtang, Sen Yat Sun, who when passed away  Shang Kai Check took over and then all the problems of politics began with the communist party and Mao and Shang Kai Check left for Taiwan. In the evening met with the group. Long is here from Ganzu; he likes me to come with him to AAAP meeting in Taiwan in August. Tomorrow lecturing to students here in Nanjing; hope it will go well. Joan seems to like it most of the time.

11 march 2010
Another wonderful day with many people I know. I lectured all morning on research stories, in this case based on Protein Protection using the oesophageal groove, and  all the story on feed processing.

In the afternoon we spent time in another museum of Chinese history from 1920 or so until Shang Kai Check went to Taiwan. What an interesting period; Japanese killed 300, 000 people in 1938 in Nanjing in about two months almost all in the city almost all civilians.

So much of the Chinese history I did not know well when Mao and the communist party fought the Kummentang party. When China became the republic instead of a large federal state. Then also the large problems in the last period of Mao’s time the cultural revolution. Spoke to Chen today; he is coming to meet me on Saturday. Tomorrow off Hangzhou in the afternoon.

12 March 2010
Now back to Hangzhou from Nanjing. Spent the morning looking at new facilities at the Nanjing University with Zho. She is a very capable women. She took J. Newbold to the airport and then took us from the railway station back to Hangzhou. We arrived at about 5 pm and people were at the station waiting. What a wonderful welcome again! Then tonight we will visit Liu and his wife at their home who worked with us in 1995.  I first met him in Hokkaido Island in Japan when he was doing his PhD there and I spoke to him about his project with nylon bags. It is amazing how the nylon bag technology developed. We had a lovely evening with them. Tomorrow we are going to the new campus then in the evening Chen is coming from Guangzhou to spend an evening with us. Just great. Now off to sleep.

14 March 2010
Yesterday was fantastic day. In the morning went to see the new campus. Many of the new buildings have 30,000 students and staff. Never seen such development before’ so rapid. The present campus is near city centre so they have been encouraged to move. Then in the afternoon out to the West lakes of Hangzhou so nice area of lakes castle towers etc; such a nice place. It was packed with people and impossible to get a taxi back. Something unique both in Nanjing and Hangzhou. Taxies have so much to do. One can wait for almost hours before a taxi will stop. Car had to go to the airport to collect Chen who was coming to visit us from Guangzhou. When we came back he was at the hotel and stayed in our hotel near our room. It was nice to meet up with him again. We had so much to discuss. We had dinner with him today then he had to go back to Guangzhou. Then afternoon at the market place to buy more things. Nice time then had a dinner with the girls who had helped us 3 of them and now we are packing to leave tomorrow for Beijing but apparently Beijing has had some snow so possibly problems at the airport. We are going to leave at 6 am tomorrow.

20 March 2010
Trip back was relatively uneventful. No problem. There was snow at Beijing but no problems for this time. Since then back to work.