19 October 2002
I am now writing in the Sahid Hotel in Yogyakarta. This has been quite an interesting trip because with me is Allan Sibbald, Alex Clark and Alistair McCook.
12 October 2002
Today is Monday, we visited Borobudur yesterday. It must have been at least the third that I have been there; the first time with Trianti I think. Tonight we attended a welcome dinner. There is a big meeting tomorrow and I am the first speaker. It has been a very good meeting and I think the people who came with me, particularly Alex Clark, have enjoyed it immensely. Yesterday there was a big problem in Bali. Two bombs exploded at a discotheque and about 200 people were killed.

So now we are on our way back. This really was a nice trip, but not without problems. The 180 people who were killed by the Bali bomb were mainly Australian holidaymakers. This led to panic and I was called by the office of the British Embassy and advised that perhaps I should go home but I said that I had no plans to go home. I asked in fact if it was an order I was being given but she told me that it was advice. I thanked her for her advice but told her I was going to stay here until I had finished what I was doing.

This has been a great trip. It started by going to Borobudur with everyone and Allan Sibbald has been great company. The meeting was a good one, my paper went down OK I think. There were many people from Brawijaya also there to take Trianti and Bu Chus. Had a trip to Soka village which was very good indeed, as well as Kwarasan. It was a busy but very rewarding trip. All was going well indeed. Soka village was the best but also the most difficult. They prepare coconut juice and make coconut sugar, just like the sugar palm tree in Cambodia in a way. The children’s clothes were very popular. There was a big goat day in Kwarasan; each family in Kwarasan presented their goats and we had to be the judges. Alex was also a judge and he was very impressed. It is a fantastic feeling that we have had a little bit to do in starting this and it has given the village of Kwarasan fantastic benefits.