22 February 2002
I am now on my way to Jakarta again, I almost missed my flight. This time I am going to see Bu Yuni because she is doing a PhD and is doing some very interesting work with dairy goats. These dairy goats are kept in a sort of community where the milk is being gathered together and in some cases made into sweets for children. It is a very good situation. My travel to Indonesia went quite smoothly. I now have to go to Ho Chi Minh City to judge the SAREC proposals. I was met in Jakarta on arrival. The following day I went to Yogya. Bu Yuni has taken some very severe criticism but I hope she will succeed in the end. The whole trip was very well organised. I went to see two farms mainly those where Bu Yuni was working and also the Kwarasan farm where we now have a Rotary project. I had three sessions of lecturing and all went well I think. I did tell the staff that it is very important that they all work together and do not become very specialised units. They cannot copy the West in this respect. The farmers are holistic and they must also be. My book Trails and Trials in Livestock Research has finally been published now in Gadjah Mada University. When I went down to Malang it was very interesting. I lectured in two places, both in Brawijaya University and in Mohammadia University in Malang.


03 March 2002
I am on my way back now. I spoke to Svend Erik and my sister Ingrid on the phone; they are on holiday in Bali at the moment.