12 November 2006
I am now in Yogykarta again. I have been here for some time now and have not written. The travel was OK, the plane leaving Amsterdam was late so we arrived in Jakarta 45 minutes late and had little time to get to Lion Air in the other terminal, but we managed to do it. I met Thanh and her father in the airport. Her father seemed OK but has to use a wheelchair. The International Science and Technology meeting of Animal Production (ISTAP) meeting started on the 8th and continued on the 9th. I gave a paper on rural development and agroforrestry. The meeting was very good and went very well but was badly organised. Thanh gave a good paper. On Friday we travelled in two cars to Wonolagi to see how the bridge was progressing. It is going very well; the Rotary Club can feel very proud of it. They have virtually got the foundations in place. On Saturday we went to the other side of Soka to visit a new area for a goat project. The Indonesian government has donated 8000 goats to us to replicate our community projects, it is a fantastic complement. Sunday was spent at Kraton, and Yogya and we also learned about the life of the sultans of Yogya. Tomorrow I will lecture for two hours.

14 November 2006
Today we went to Kwarasan, it was good to speak to the farmers again. This morning and yesterday morning I had lectures as well as tomorrow. They are a nice group of students. Tonight I will go to the Rotary Club in Yogya, I look forward to that. This afternoon I will do a bit of shopping in Malioboro Street, my favourite shopping street. I went to Yakkum this morning.

16 November 2006
I lectured for two hours again today, as well as yesterday. We are working on next year’s Delphi project as well. Tonight we are going to a real Javanese restaurant at Kraton. It seems that I won’t be doing many projects next year. This evening we went to the Javanese restaurant again and found, by chance, half of GMU staff there celebrating a get-together with a director of a firm producing bank notes. On Saturday night we got a ticket to Jakarta but the plane was full so decided to leave on Saturday night for Jakarta and stay for Sunday. I prefer Yogya. So I am now on KLM on my return. Has it been a good trip? Yes and no.