19 October 2005
I am now at Bangkok airport on my way to Cambodia. After Cambodia I will go directly into Vietnam. I have my boarding pass. I am feeling a bit depressed. The next stop will be Phnom Penh. I am going to get some money that I lent to Samnang some years ago. He hasn’t really made much use of it I think. Samnang and his wife met me at the airport at Phnom Penh. I had to get a visa on entry but had no visa photograph so I gave $2 dollars instead, no problem. Samnang took me to his home then to the Goldiana Hotel where I stayed last time I was in Cambodia. Samnang had sold the land and got me about $13,000. . On the first day I had a quiet drive with Samnang. On the second day we had marketing talk and went to the airport to collect Vietnamese friends then went for a lovely dinner. On the third day we went to visit some small farms and also Preston’s company called Cell agrid. It was in very poor villages close to Phnom Penh. How can it be, corruption is rampant here. Borin is doing very well. I met the Director of Heifer International Sansuwan, he is also involved in Cell agrid activities, they are excellent people. We had a nice dinner with Samnang and his family on the last night. I think we can do more work with Borin. It is more difficult with Samnang due to his job. He will work well with Vietnam I think. I went to the market last night but it was closed, so went back today, Sunday, instead. The market was the same as usual, but I will do most of my shopping in Hanoi later this week. Tomorrow I am going to speak to small farmers in Vietnam. The trip to Cambodia was interesting, but the main reason was that I had to get the money I had leant to Samnang some years ago to invest in some land ..