10 August 2005
I am now in Brawijaya. I arrived in Yogja via Jakarta on 7 August. I was met by Nannung in Yogja and taken to the Novotel Hotel, I have not been there before. All day on Monday after taking photographs at the Gadjah Mada University all in batik, we then went to see our new village which has just started with 38 goats, mainly from my Yogya account. It was a wonderful experience. These people are so happy. On Tuesday we had a very long drive to Malang, it took about 8 hours before we found the hotel but I had a special hotel just for me. On Wednesday I was the first speaker at the animal science meeting and all went well, but the meeting was all in Bahasa Indonesia so I did not attend it all. I went to see the Boer goats with Trianti, she is very proud of them. In the evening we visited her family then attended a Department party with song and music, it was very joyful like the old days in Brawijaya. This morning I spoke for a long time to my students there. I went out with Ifar to collect his daughter from school and then rather later on got a car to Surabaya and am now heading for Yogja again. Trianti took me to the airport but I was rather afraid that we might not be able to get it and I was a bit irritable because we set off about an hour later than we should have done, I always find myself a bit problematic when I know I am trying to catch a plane and I could have been in time had I had set off earlier.

The Brawijaya people are on the whole more relaxed than UGM . They enjoy themselves more, they go out and sing and dance as we did last night. Did I do anything useful? I think so but we will see. I had news from Rusmana, he wants me to come to Padang on 14th-16th August, and it will be nice to meet up with him. I am travelling with Lion Air now, it is the first time I think. Oh, yes I almost forgot Bu Chuxemi, who is a good friend of mine in Brawijaya who lost her husband many years ago in an army air crash. She had two sons and one son of 24 who also joined the army was killed in an army air crash just like his dad. I went to see her today, she was crying, I understand how tragic it is to have both husband and son die in an air crash in the military.

14 August 2005
I am now in Padang, Sumatra. We left Malang to go to Yogya. I had dinner in my favourite place in Yogya, Prambanan, what a wonderful place it is. I was staying in the Quality Hotel. I had a meeting at Gadjah Mada University then went to Malioboro for my usual shopping. I had dinner with Bu Lies Mira and Pak Haryono and Pak Hari then off to Jakarta last night and off to Padang, Sumatra, this morning. Rusmana was there to meet me and took me to the staff at the University to meet with small farmers about 2½ hours drive. They were a very nice group of farmers. I saw things I had not seen before, a type of community farming with community spirit.

15 August 2005
I have to give a two-hour lecture. Sumatra is much more open than Java, much more land available. There is lovely scenery here too. The hotel is called Pangada Beach Hotel.

16 August 2005
At Padang airport. The lectures went fine I think. It was a very funny place where there are very few foreigners. There are many nutritionists here, who had read a lot of my work and I was treated like a hero, which is a bit uncomfortable. I am now on my way to Jakarta again. Rusmana took me to the airport. I had a short time at the local market to see the products they were selling, some were very interesting. I went to Oz home last night, it was very interesting. His mother, a very active woman, had a stroke recently and cannot speak or walk. Her sister is looking after them. Sumatra is very interesting but very different from Java.