08 April 2005
I am at Aberdeen airport on the way to Yogyakarta again, I am really looking forward to it.

13 April 2005
I am now in the Quality Hotel in Yogyakarta. I have been here since Saturday and now it is Thursday, time flies when I am here. On Sunday we went to Kwarasan to see the goat project and the wonderful interaction they have between trees and plants. It is so fantastic to see this multi-cropping system and working with the state farms. On Monday I lectured to S3 students in the morning and S1 in the afternoon. The S3 students are a bit weak here, I cannot really see how they can get a PhD out of it. On Tuesday I had dinner in the evening at Prambanam which is a fantastic place to have dinner. I was also teaching English on Tuesday night to an S1 class. On Wednesday I lectured again and worked on the preparation of the Asia LINK project. Today we went to Gombang to see the goat project. It is a fantastic project funded by Rotary. It is now time for bed.
17 April 2005
I went to Yogya Rotary last night. Many of them had been to Ache to work on the collection of dead bodies, it really brings the disaster of the tsunami a bit closer to you. I should write a lot more. They want me to come to Lombok this weekend. Kustantinah wants me to work on the Asia LINK project.

23 April 2005
I meant to write a lot more about my visit this time. I actually did go to Lombok on the Saturday and returned to Yogya on the Sunday. I was met by Dewanti at the airport and we went to see the Wire Singe tractor project. It was very, very nice to see so much progress. The best day, though, was the Monday in Gombang, this was a goat show. It was really quite something. I was one of the judges – how nice. Fifty-five families were there with about 300 goats. It is so nice after only 60 goats were given two years ago. All the goats were in good shape. We had to be so busy to get all the 55 families seen to. I gave a prize to the woman who had produced most goats. She had actually increased her population from two to fifteen in two years. It is just remarkable. What a difference from Cameroon. I had to leave on Thursday, but on Monday night Yantiati turned up. This was the girl I met many years ago who worked with us at the Rowett Institute. I met her in Japan the first time. She would like to do a project with us.

So now I am back home.