06 December 2004
I am on my way to Yogya on the plane with Bob Mayes who is going with me on my last trip for this year.

15 December 2004
I have not written anything but will try to recall what happened. We were met by Bu Lies and Kustantinah at the airport and went for dinner at the Gallery where I have been many times before. The next day we went to Wonolagi to see the goat project. How nice to see how well they are doing. They have decided to give goats to another village on the other side. The river was not very high so we could walk through without getting too wet. We brought some books for the primary school and I lectured to S1 and S2 students which I think went well. Pak Hari translated for me. We spent an hour shopping at Malioboro but didn’t get to the bird market. We also went to Yakkum to buy a few things and went with Bob Mayes to the Ramayana show at Prambanan. I gave two long lectures to the year 2 students who wanted to be photographed with me, for what reason I don’t know.

Time always goes so fast here. We visited Kwarasan to see all the leguminous trees together – leucaena, gliricidia, sesbania and calliandra – to see how they all interact with eucalyptus. On Saturday there was a meeting where Bob Mayes and I were the keynote speakers which went very well. I spoke about agro-forestry. People from Malang also came there. Dewanti from Lombok could not make it. We both stayed in the cottages at Sahid Hotel. We bought durian, what a treat; it was also the Rambutan season. All went well and the return was uneventful. We now go via Kuala Lumpur, not Singapore. So this finishes my trips for 2004. .