10 January 2003
It seems a long time since I have written, but I am now on my way to Malang which is a very nice place. From there I have to go to Lombok Island. I am travelling to Jakarta tonight, but I have a long flight to Singapore first. I have shortened my stay there by one day.
I am now going to talk about the trip.

20 January 2003
At Surabaya airport. I have just returned from Lombok, Mataram. Ifar collected me at Surabaya on 11th January. 12th January was a holiday. T Then Monday was largely taken up by seeing Brawijaya and Tuesday I lectured, both in Brawijaya University and in Mohammadia University. We spent the evening with song and music which is very typical for Brawijaya and Malang. It is much more typical there than in Yogyakarta. On Wednesday morning we went to Surabaya to catch the plane to Mataram where Dalaludin met me and found a nice hotel called Lombok Raya where I have stayed since. We went to see the farmers in Nawada and the tractor that Sven Erik donated last year. The following day, Friday, we went to see another possible new project area where I may be able to get a tractor donated from the Rotary. I decided not to go to Yogja this time but had a representative coming to discuss plans for the Asia LINK. It was a very nice time in Lombok, only in part destroyed by problems at home dealing with cattle.

I am now waiting for a trip to Jakarta then to Amsterdam. Apparently Ifar may join me on the flight. I am looking forward to going back this time. The children’s clothes went down well, I gave some to Dalaludin and also left some for Trianti to distribute. It is amazing how quickly it goes when in the villages, but they are very poor in the villages working for half-a-dollar a day. The cattle project we had in Pujung has been a total disaster unfortunately. The farmers that we had cattle with got involved in gambling and lost everything.