13 December 1998
I have now arrived in Phnom Penh in Cambodia again not so long since I was here in fact also I stopped over a few days in Vietnam in Hue and sailed up the Perfume River as I have done before, but now I am in Goldiana Hotel Phnom Penh. It was decided sometime ago I have to come here. Samnang is at the moment sleeping in my bed or resting in my bed. We are going to go to the airport in Bangkok and then I go back to Amsterdam. It has been a nice time altogether here though yesterday we waited for a long time for Borin as he was to take us to the project area. We have now been there it is very interesting but the farmers are incredibly poor. Samnang now works for a Jesuit College specialising in making handicapped people ready for making a living with what they can do again handicapped from the wartime. Farmers are incredibly poor. I spoke to Reg several times and we had got some e-mail mixed up. We had dinner with Suwan last night who we met last time, it was so nice. The political situation in Phnom Penh still unstable. Last night we had a very funny experience we were at the Mekong River to have a meal a little bit outside Phnom Penh. On the way back the police stopped us and then asked me for my passports because they could see I looked different and I said I am sorry my passport is in the hotel but I offered him my credit card to look at so he could see who I was. Eventually he said, Do you have 10 dollars? So I said yes no problem so I gave him 10 dollar and no more questions asked. So all is not well in Phnom Penh but it is a wonderful people and wonderful place is just such a pity they have had so much problems in the recent years.