3 November 2001
I am writing in Jakarta airport on my way to Surabaya and Malang. I should have come yesterday but the plane was late so I had to spend another day entertaining Jamie which was OK. We went to an Aberdeen demonstration against what the US is doing in Afghanistan. The USA does not seem to know anything about what they are doing. I just hope there is not going to be any bombing when I am in Indonesia. I am reading a book on the class of civilisations and the remaking of world order. Somehow I think the US government should read it.

7 November 2001
I am now writing from Lombok Island. We arrived here yesterday from Surabaya. We had first found Bu Trianti and with her help Dalaludin, who has been with us all the time, since we found him. Today we have been to the cattle villages and to see the tractor which was donated by Svend Erik from Holstebro. All is well here. We are in the same hotel as I was in February. Tomorrow afternoon we go back to Malang and then travel to Jogya on Friday night. There is an official jubilee of the University that I have to attend and also give them some books. The farmers are doing extremely well with the tractor which is used to buy weaned female cattle. It, in turn, is given to a farmer who wants to take it on, he will take it through the first pregnancy and as the result of feeding it the first calf will belong to him, as will the third calf, but the cow still belongs to the community. It is not a bad idea at all.

We got back to Mataram a little late we missed our flight; Ifar was being a bit stupid by waiting for too long. He wanted to wait for some food being made up that he could take to his wife.

On Friday I drove to Jogya and arrived in the Hotel Sahid. It was a very busy meeting on Saturday, handing over books then with Bu Yuni to see her farmers. On Sunday we went to Kwarasan to see the Rotary project. On Monday and Tuesday at a workshop I was speaking to farmers on Monday and to scientists on Tuesday. On Wednesday I had a meeting with IAEA. I left on Thursday afternoon and arrived back in Aberdeen on Friday. It has been a very nice but busy trip. It was fantastic to see the two Rotary projects, revolving funds, a completely different project but both very successful.