17 October 1993
I am now back in Beijing, China. I have come here this morning to take part in a meeting on straw. This meeting was actually as a result of the success we have had with treating straw in China. I met up with many friends at the airport and it is most enjoyable. Nakashima from Japan has arrived; Guo Tingshuang is also here as are all my many Chinese friends.

22 October 1993
meeting is already over. It has been a good one in parts. The Chinese are certainly making a great deal of progress. One night I went to a dinner with Yang and one night I went to his home to see his wife and his new son. I also went dancing one night with Feng and Wang. Dolberg is here as well, working very hard as usual. There was a final banquet for the meeting last night. This morning we went to the Research Institute of Beijing, it is not very good really. They have a huge amount of equipment, they seem to put the technology in front of the problem, they don’t seem to define the problem first and get the tools, they seem to get the tools first and look for problems. Tonight we are going to Choko, I am not really sure whether I want to go or not. After that I will go to Guangzhou to see Chen’s home. I am rather confused and a bit worried.

26 October 1993
I am at Chenzhou airport leaving for Guangzhou at 2030. The period in Henan Province was very rewarding insofar that many of them were my old friends and they still remember me and still seem to be very glad to see me back. I was happy to see them too. As usual there was too much drinking at the many banquets, starting on the Sunday lunchtime continuing to Chenzhou on Sunday night. Last night, Monday, I was dancing. Today at Guiang County I received a lovely welcome. Governor Tsu of the Province is still a hard drinker. Anyway, I should now be going to Guangzhou to spend all day tomorrow speaking to Professor Tsung; it is something that Chen is interested in. I spoke on behalf of FAO and their work today and it was quite nice and they seemed to like it.

The tour in Henan this time was just too stage-managed. All the farmers have recieved instruction to put the cattle at the roadside so that they can be seen by the foreigners. Police are there, of course, and all the cars are in a convoy. It is just not possible to speak to farmers when so many officials come out there at the same time, they disturb the whole lot like they started to do when we first went in to China. I just wish the Chinese could see the futility of that and also see the purpose of the meeting which in my opinion will be of no help to the small farmers .So in Chenzhou tonight I was received by Chen Dafang and Joan Whang his daughter, she was in Aberdeen for 2? years, I did not see much of her while she was there. We had a banquet tonight in Chenzhou given by Chen after which Waysham and a friend took me to the airport where I am now on a flight to Guangzhou. I arrived in the evening and was immediately taken to the International Hotel of the University. Chang was there. In the morning I was surprised to find Chang’s daughter telling me that her boyfriend was Xu Bin Chen.! I am not sure if Chen would say she was his girlfriend!! We had some meetings about setting up a training centre for feed,evaluation? in fact we called it Guangdong International Feed Training Centre. In the evening after I gave a lecture we went dancing, what a dance, it was so enjoyable. I left Guangzhou in the early morning and arrived in Beijing at 11 o’clock. Here somebody came to collect me, the girl working with Guo Peiyu. We also called at Guo Tingshuang who said that a meeting with Hardyman, Dolberg, Ron and I had been arranged at 1.30. We arrived for the meeting. The emphasis was on training and CETAT would provide support so perhaps to Guangdon International Feed and training centre will come in handy.

So here I am now on the way back to Aberdeen. The plane is going via Hong Kong so it will be a long trip. I was completely tired. My next trip will be to Kenya.