24 November 1991
I am now en route again to Addis Ababa. I was met in Addis by an ILCA driver and I found that they had arranged for me to give a seminar about my impressions of Nigeria and Niger. I am only going to stay here for 2 days. I think the seminar went well; everyone was there, all my friends from ILCA including Usuji and Fitzhugh. It was quite an exciting affair to see what had happened since I was there just a few months ago. Security in Addis is still not very good. Driving at night is not recommended and there is a curfew. On my return from Debre Zeit there was a message from Mike Daw who is also in Addis, I tried to phone but got no reply, I went to the Hilton Hotel where he was staying. I found him after a short wait; it was great to see him again out there. We chatted for a long time, so much so that when I wanted a taxi back to ILCA it was too late for the official taxi from the hotel to return before the curfew. We went out on the road to find a taxi but were told it was too dangerous. I can believe that because I spotted an armed man in the bush with a pistol protruding from the hedge. Got a local taxi eventually, but Mike was a bit worried and he came early the following morning to see that I was OK.

We had a farewell party at ILCA. In retrospect it has been a very unusual but exciting trip. I will probably have to stay in a hotel in London tonight.