17 September 1990
Ethiopia once more. I have been in Ethiopia for two days already and I have not written anything, but I am enjoying it. Meaning more to me, perhaps, than Poland where I was last week. I was met by Usuji and spent yesterday speaking to John Walsh and Hank Fitzhugh. It has been rather leisurely today, we went to Debre Berhan again. It was my first serious introduction to Africa when I came to Addis Ababa six years ago. Still, women carry long loads of branches to the city along with mules and donkeys, it is a very sad sight indeed.

19 September 1990
We visited Shalala yesterday and Debre Zeit today. They don’t half keep me at it here. I managed to see two interesting small farms yesterday. Lovely people. I also saw two hyenas just at ILCA’s entrance. Today I gave a long lecture which they said was reasonable. Tomorrow I will have a day discussing programmes. They would like me to stay here I think, and maybe even offer me a job here, I will suggest part-time perhaps. Today we have just discussed experiments all day and then they tried to offer me a job. This morning I had another meeting with Hank and John Walsh.

?21 September 1990
I am now on ET760 back to London, shortly to land in Rome. It was terribly hectic last night, had dinner with Hank and his wife, they are nice people, I think I could get on with them. The amount of impulses I have had during the past two weeks is almost impossible to describe. From virus diseases in potatoes? in Poland to the best use of branches as browse for sheep in Ethiopia, from Polish sausages to Ethiopian injera. So many contrasts. I now have to speak to James about how to collaborate with ILCA. The suggestion is that I should spend about 2-3 months in Ethiopia next year and continue for spells when necessary. I hope Kit is better this time when I come home, he had such bad asthma again when I was home for 18 hours last weekend. I hope to get to Aberdeen tonight, but I think it is going to be a problem, there is only 40 minutes to allow for change in London and that is not quite enough.