25 July 2007

I am now on my way to Indonesia again.  This is a Delphe project and this time Grant Davidson who is  also Chairman of the Orskov Foundation is coming with me.

27 July 2007

We arrived okay and got to Yogya in time Wednesday night. Both Grant and I  spoke to the ISTAP meeting on Thursday morning, it was ok I think we had some feedback and we went to Prembanan for dinner at night which was so nice as usual.  Today has been eventful Grant started the lectures and all was well.  In the afternoon I had a talk with many people but went to the closing session only to find that the chairman had fallen suddenly and went to the hospital where he was dead on arrival.  It was Andy from Bogor I have known him for years.  A few minutes after many of us went to the hospital and went through the formalities.  He was put into a coffin.  He had died of a heart attack.  He was about 60 years old.  It was a sad ending of the meeting.  Since he was a Catholic the nuns were called in and there was a small Christian service performed, very nice and most of the participants were Muslims, who are a tolerant people so nice. We said good bye to Andy in a sad but wonderful way.  We were allowed to shake his hands.  We went to a fish restaurant afterwards together with Grant .

28 July 2007

Today was another day to remember.  We started the first Orskov Foundation community project in Banjo Soto . It was such a wonderful occasion.  There were about 70 goats already bought all were there.  The spirit among the women owners were so good we gave them a large plaque to hand for the project.  In the late afternoon there was time to spend a few minutes in Malioboro to buy a few things hats etc. Hope Joan will like them and in the evening we all went to a wedding ceremony, good food and meeting many many friends. Grant too enjoyed it very much, what else had SMS from Chris he seemed to like Mexico may be he can find a Mexican girlfriend.  The event from yesterday has been affecting us.  Andy he is no longer here.  He looked so healthy when we spoke together.

29 July 2007

Another lovely day, first the trip to Merapi with Grant and Kustantinah and Bu Yuni.  It was nice but we managed also to meet up with many dairy farmers on Merapi.  Women were collecting grass,and  carrying piles of 40 kilos or so  on their back and put them on a trailer to go down for 2 km to their cows.  We also saw one of the farmers who even used some urea treated rice straw .   Nice to see the method we used in China many years ago has now penetrated to Indonesia as well.  Then to a wonderful museum in old culture in Yogya and Solo and then to see the Sultans palace of course and batik .  How many concubines they normally had?.  They slept with their wives at night and played with the concubines during daytime.!  Then we went to Wonolagi again and met many farmers.  They have now got the lights fitted from the village to the bridge from the presents I gave to them in April at the opening of the bridge.  It was a nice experience all seemed to be going well and the bridge is working well.  Tomorrow we all go to Solo to see new projects and meet up with Suharto.

30 July 2007

Wonderful day again, started up with going to Solo to meet up with Suharto on his farm.  He is a great innovator but said I had given him many of the inspirations and given him ideas sometime ago, well I do not know if this is true.  We went to have dinner with him and also four goat projects which have now been set up by the government based on our techniques before and then we saw a wonderful Hindu temple in fact the goat group there were all Hindus.  The sculpture in the temple was made from pig fat.  Then we went to a batik shop   Suharto decided that he would pay for everything.  I got a few batik items and bracelets and so on.  He insisted no pay then we went for a Japanese dinner and then back at midnight, wonderful long day, day to remember said Grant.  It has long been my intention to go to Lombok island again to see our projects here was the opportunity couple of days free.

2 August 2007

We are now returning back to Yogya having been on a trip to Lombok.  We left very early yesterday and had to go via Surabaya and wait there for five hours.  We arrived in Lombok and was met by Dewanti as usual so we went to her home first and got her husband to drive us all to the tractor projects. They are making huge progress and starting to produce compost as well on the community project.  They are very innovative; they like to start biogas as well.  Their community unit is divided into four groups.  The same community is working on the fish products where each family has a small boat with fish. They feed them in the boat and keep the boat in the river where water runs through the boat.  Could possibly be an Orskov foundation project I think.

  On the way back we stopped at a pearl shop and then found a hotel and went on to see the old restaurants where Dewanti and her husband joined us and also Dahlaluddin   We had a lovely dinner.  This morning we went to a local Lombok factory for Lombok clothes and handicrafts then later to Mataram University.  It was so nice to get such a welcome.  Then off again to Surabaya from where we went to see the hot mudflow which has covered several villages.  I have never seen anything like it smoking mud coming up from inside the earth nobody knows when it is ever going to stop.  It was apparently started by a big company who wanted to try to see if they could dig some oil but now they do not know it was a big industrial mistake they have cracked the shell of the planet down there and we do not know when it is going to stop.

4 August 2007

In Jakarta Airport .This morning went to a local marked t in the earthquake area, they have made immense progress since last year by building new houses seem impossible to believe that the community spriit seem to be so strong they helped each other.  The government helped to  give each person 15 million rupiahs about 1500 dollars towards new house well it seemed to work.  The market was so nice to see. Now back to Aberdeen it has been a very nice trip.