On way to Indonesia I have now to give lectures again in Yogyakarta.

4 November 2008
I arrived in Yogyakarta and was met up by Bu Yuni, Bu Kustantinah, Bu Lies and her husband.  I had a wonderful meal with them before going to Quality Hotel where I have been so many times.  There is going to be a jubilee meeting of Gadjah Mada and I have to give a paper there and also we have to do an opening of Bu Yuni’s Dairy Goat Project.  It was pouring with rain; it was more serious as to previous ones we have opened but very sincere.  I have to give a speech as well to the farmers.  I told them that I was a farmer first and professor second.  Had to symbolically handover the goat to the village leader then I went to Prambanan for a lovely but cheap meal.  Where or how can you eat in an environment like this at Prambanan have a meal like this so cheap.  Today, I had to speak first to the students and then visit Pak Bang Bangs home and then we went to a new place to get seafood.  Lovely place and good weather.  Today has been raining more and more and Parts of Yogya has been flooded but the interesting thing is the water is warm unlike Scotland where the rainwater is cold!

6 November 2008
Now on the way to see the goats.  This was  the goat project which was started last year.  It was a wonderful show as expected.  There were twenty groups of families showing their goats they got last year starting off with judging I was one of the judges of course.  Also I had to give a short speech to the large audience mainly of women six of them got prizes.  I gave a prize as well to three of them at Rp 50,000 each.  We were two car lot of staff from UGM.  There are problems as expected about their feed in the dry season and we discussed many means of how one could preserve feed from wet to dry seasons.  I feel extremely happy to be member of project called Orskov Foundation but UGM staff is working hard with them.  We were in the end offered ground nuts bananas tea and even chicken meat.  Wonderful organisation tomorrow staff celebration also in Bang-Bang’s home.  We will go about 8.00 o’clock from here.

10 November 2008
It was another nice meeting in Bang-Bang’s home they may be a little too serious, I sometimes feel may be I should learn perhaps the Indonesia better so that I can take more part in it.  After that party we went to see TinTin in her home and then to see a very stupid James Bond film.

12 November 2008
Time goes fast here.  Today lecturing and tomorrow as well.  Then on 15th November, plane back to cold Aberdeen.  I also just have to Wonolagi before I go to visit the school with a Present from Les May and his wife.  We discussed what they were going to do with the money.  My little girl who always comes to see me was there again and holds my hands she is now ten years.  I saw her four years ago I think.  Then yesterday I went to see the UGM Projects on multi culture.  I spoke to British Council today.  They will visit us here soon.  I was going to go to Venezuela in December but this is not going to be.  Yesterday also I went to Yakkum at handicapped people’s home where I bought some of their stuff which I have so often done before.  So now back to Aberdeen and this was going to be my last trip for 2008.