28 June 2008
I am now going off to Indonesia again I have been packing up for travelling again this time I am going to meet up with  Dewanti  from Lombok in Jakarta and then I also have to go to a place called Western Papua where I have never been before.

03 July 2008
Now in Indonesia.  I arrived okay and was met by the Lombok crowd had a relaxing day going to the supermarkets in Jakarta and off to Yogya.  I spent the next morning at a project arranged by Bu Yuni.  An Orskov Foundation lactating Goat project just started.  In the afternoon we drove all the way to Samarang three and a half hours’ drive from Yogya to lecture.  It was nice to lecture many MSc and PhD students.  Samarang was a very nice place and now I have to prepare to go to Western Papua in a couple of days time. Had a lovely dinner at Samarang they are actively known for making some fantastic Nasi Goreng and it was very good.  Then back to Quality Hotel.

05 July 2008
Time runs.  Yesterday again in community projects.  Another new project for Orskov Foundation.  They have got 72 goats and yesterday was the opening.  It was truly fantastic.  All the groups were there.  The first group who had received the goats and the second group to receive goat later from the revolving fund system.  There was music and songs provided by the village in fact I took the opportunity to play one on the gamalang (an Indonesian large music instrument) to the amazement of the participants of which there were many.  What a wonderful atmosphere.  Then symbolically I had to handover a couple of goats to the group leader in fact instead of pulling them I lifted them and handed them to cause great amusement for the people.  In fact the day before we had set up the plaque for the Orskov Foundation Project combined with the Macaulay Institute.  At that time we also visited Nannungs project which is just starting.  There will be official opening later.  Yesterday afternoon  Bu Trianti from Malang, East Java came to discuss her new project proposal.  She travelled nine hours by bus to come and had today to go on 10 hours journey back by bus.

06 July 2008
Time just flies.  Sunday morning we had to go to Papua via Jakarta but due to flight times we had to spend all day in Jakarta it was not very nice but we first went to Jakarta exhibition which was very large but not all that interesting.  After that was much more we went to the biggest Asian Mosque which was finished in 1978.  TinTin took me there and took part in the prayers but I was invited to share everything with them.  It was very interesting having began building the mosque before the Dutch colonialists went home.  I have got some wonderful pictures.  Then off to Papua via Sulawesi and all the time was changed we only arrived in Papua in the morning and then was taken straight to the university but I only had to lecture in the afternoon for a large audience I have never known before.  Papua or West Papua as is called is  a part of Indonesia but the culture is totally different they look like Africans in fact if they came from Ethiopia nobody would know that they were not Ethiopians.  Now today we went out to meet the locals and see the countryside in biodiversity.  There is an encroachment of oil palm plantations and we had big debate of how best to have animals in the plantation as we do in Sumatra.  Wonderful replies that many are immigrants from Java so conflicts could be possible.  They are mostly Christians or Hindus only relatively small amounts are Muslims in fact many pigs around on the roads which of course you would never see in Java.

08 July 2008
Sitting at the airport in Makassar.  It is very small airport and very local.  Security more for show than for real, only very small, may be two planes everyday seem to be late arriving today. Hope we will not get stuck again.  This time my internal travel has just been too much.  Tomorrow another Oskov Foundation Community Project will be opened and I cannot be there all the time unless I change my ticket to go back later but I have had problems in doing that.  I arrived back in Yogya to a very busy day.  Had to wait for a long time in Jakarta again to get plane for Yogya  and then first thing in the morning we had to start examination of Joko  who was to be examined at 7.30 and then at 9 o’clock we had to go out to open another Orskov Foundation Project.  Just as well we got there in the right time.  I was singing and playing gamelan but also singing the solo song along with the main singer.  It was very much appreciated.  All the goats were there and it was the same as in the previous villages I had to handover a goat to the leader of a village women’s group.  It was a wonderful occasion.  Had to go to Solo to get a plane back to Jakarta to go home.  Tried to extend my stay but it was not possible.  So now going back