24 February 2008
This has been a very busy winter but now on the 24th February 2008 I am now in Indonesia.  On this occasion Bob Mayes from the Macaulay Institute has come with me.  On this occasion we have to go and lecture to my students and go and visit some of the old projects funded by Rotary but also some new Orskov Foundation projects.

We have just come to Yogyakarta yesterday.  I am in my little office here the Internet is working a little bit slowly but we are now going to visit Wonolagi, the school where I have a little present from Les May from the Rotary Club. Wonolagi bridge has been damaged by flooding but is now being repaired we are also today going to Malioboro and find a few things to buy.  Tonight we have also bought Durian because we are now in the middle of Durian season. 

25 February 2008
Today on 25th February I have given two lectures at University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) to all students and also have some good sessions with students afterwards.  Also been to visit the Sultans Palace. 

28 February 2008
Tomorrow morning we are on the way to Jember East Java we are going to go via Surabaya to see the Orskov Foundation project with ducks should be very nice.  Bob Mayes has also been lecturing and Tuesday night we went for dinner at Prambanan it was a lovely place.  Tintin   was driving and we got an excellent dinner.  Wonderful Prambanan Temple the dinner for the three of us was £10.  Where else in the world in such an environment could you get such a good meals for £10?  I also had a small trip to Yakkum at the handicap people’s home to buy a few things to take home.  We then had a wonderful party in Tintin’s house with many old friends.  Bu Yuni etc.  I went to Jember on this first morning going from Yogya to Surabaya then drive from Surabaya to Jember.  But we stopped in Malang on the way.  Met up with the Dadik who was my postdoctorate last year?  They are doing two duck projects out there.  First time I have seen them.  It was such a pleasure to see so happy farmers.  The food in Jember was cheap but wonderful they make something called thick sort of fermented cassava root I have never had before.

02 March 2008
Today being a busy day in Malang.  Dewanti came with pearls from Lombok to take home.  Both Bu Tutik and Sobarinoto turned up.  We had a nice time in the afternoon. Trianti wanted me to go back and see her family again.  I did go in the evening.

04 March 2008
Now back in Yogya again.  We are in a new hotel called Safir.  This morning had meeting with doctorate students and then gave a long lecture again.  Doctorate students are very nice group and they wanted to buy many of my books I hope they will like it.  Dewanti sent SMS today.  Her and her husband have arrived back safely to Matharam.

05 March 2008
Very early at 6.45 I have to go in and start my lecture at 7.00 o’clock which is going to be busy.  But here again you can wake up and look forward to a lovely busy day.  Sometimes I cannot do this at home.  So yesterday was a busy day as well but two lovely two hours with students went well.  I ended two hours by a small motorbike slide from Vietnam just for entertainment where birds and animals are moved on motorbikes.  Apart from that we went to Wonolagi to see the progress on the bridge and to see the goats and meet up with the leaders.  Then we went out to the other villages where we just started a goat project last July for Orskov Foundation.  The number of goats have increased from 63 to 130 good progress and all seemed to be happy.  In the evening back again and meeting Yogyakarta Rotary Club followed by dinner with Tri Yuwanti.  Lovely dinner; it was in a sort of castle almost looking like Scottish castle.  The best sea food dinner I have ever had.  Today I have to start to go home.  It will probably be a little bit less entertaining but anyway it has been a really good trip.