15/11/2015 - 17/11/2015

15 November. Travelled to Cuba again to attend a meeting about animal Science also to meet up again with Reg Preston who I have not seen for years. Joan took me to airport at 5 in the morning to get a flight to Amsterdam. Had to wait 1 hour and directly to Havana. Arrived Ok in Havana but so many things had to examined. Queue for passport in a large queue and then putting the bag counters clothes and papers. Then I tried to find somebody who was collecting it. It was not easy but got it done all eventually.

16 November. When I left for bed in the evening on Sunday I asked them what is the time for breakfast so I can be there in good time. They told me it 10 O’clock something was not correct. I think it was the time when it was closed. Fortunately nothing interesting was taken place so spent most of the time reading journals and being well relaxed. I met a few people I had met before but did not see Redimia who helped to organise the meeting. However, now I was told to get up at 6pm to get a bus to the place where the meeting was as it was starting at about 7:15.

17 November. Got up early and got the bus in time. Redimia was on the same bus so all right. We had a lovely meeting met so many I knew from many countries who came to the meeting. There were lots of papers given. Dr Preston and his girlfriend were there and Preston was speaking Spanish for at least half an hour but I understood well what he was trying to say. So nice to meet him again. I have met him many places. He left Rowet just before I arrive at Rowet. Met him first in Vietnam when he was working biogas and invented some new things so the manure from the chickens were used to feed fish next door. In the plan we made for Vietnam and what he was doing were part of it. In the evening some music and dancing.