26/10/2015 - 30/10/2015

26 October. After breakfast I was collected by Borin to taken to the University where I met a group of people who were analysing applications for getting money to do some experiment and they wanted me to help with that for 2 days! Unexpected but interesting. There were 5 of us to do it. After that had a good chat and taken to the hotel to meet other people. Also met Borin again and getting to a restaurant to meet his girlfriend.

27 October. In the morning met up with the same group again to do similar things as the day before to examin the proposals and money needed to do some experiments and also evaluate the experiments. I seem to get on ok but had a surprise at the end I was given about 100 dollars for my help what I later used part of it for a trip to Vietnam. Then back to the same hotel to meet others and have a good sleep.

28 October. Now seem very different. We were now going a long trip to begin to see the projects set up by Orskov Foundations last year. Borin was now with me all the time for 2 days. It took a long time to get there about 3 to 4 hours drive. Took me long time to leave Phom Penh where about 2 million live. When we got there we met up with a group of people who were doing something never seen before. They were in fact feeding insects which could grow fast and then fed to pigs. They seem to call it criket seem very interesting. Then there were a meeting if the group and also somebody plays music. They heard I could play mandolin and asked me to do so as they had a mandolin. I did a bit and all enjoyed it I think. But there were several playing accordion and violins. Then we had a good meal and talking together seemingly … speak good English. There were singing also and many seemed rewarded to meet me as I was known for the Orskov Foundations! When it was finished we found a place to sleep for the group coming from Phom Penh.

29 October. From the place where we saw the insects etc we drove another hour or so to meet up with the group fed cattle and chickens etc. There were about 5 groups. Want to see them all then a large meeting where many questions were asked of me. I told them a few stories from my research and gave them some advice. There were many women involved and asked questions. After a long trip back up and went to a different hotel and Borin told me I could decide what to do on Friday.

30 October. Decided to use my money from the first 2 days to visit my friends in Vietnam which is close to Cambodia. I found that if I did I had to set up very early and spend a long time in the Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and then go to Hue where many of my friends are. Had to wait 5 hours in Ho Chi Minh and then to Hue where man collected me to take to a hotel and then to come to the family to meet again the old father who I have so often met. He seem not very well and could not stand up. However it was nice to meet them all again. Thans son had gone to study in Italy again. We had a good time. Than came with me on a airline to Ho Chi Minh. From there in the evening had to go to Cambodia again to the same hotel as before where I also left my big case on this agreement. I came here ok and was taken to the hotel to sleep. But Borin came to share dinner with me. And in the early day I was taken to the airport where I first had to go to Thailand close by and from Thailand a long trip to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Aberdeen. There was a lot of fog at the airport in Amsterdam so there were very late in getting to Aberdeen. Joan found out about that and came about the night time about 11 which should have been before 10 to collect me. Nice trip altogether but seem many unexpected things.