18/10/2015 - 25/10/2015

18 October. Now on again left very early. Joan took me to the airport early and then to Amsterdam. Waiting 3 hours in Amsterdam but always easy as the lounge is given for me due to my travel. Then of by an Indonesian flight which took us straight to Jakarta where we arrived Monday 19 at 11:50 due to change in time.

19 October. When arrived I was a bit confused I thought I had to stay one night near to capital and then go to Yogyakarta next day. Here I was wrong. As a result I missed the plane which was booked for me. When I discovered my problem I booked another plane, rang Tin say I was coming on a later plane at the Monday evening. She was there to collect me and took me to the hotel where I normally stay and even had a bit to eat.

20 October. The staff meeting started today which will last 3 days. I was collected by Tin Tin for the meeting stayed first at UGM where I have my office with my name on it. The whole day was very nice so many speakers but I did not as I asked not to do so this time. There were many to speak to as many know me. Had a lovely dinner and spoke to many then back to the hotel for a good sleep.

21 October. Had to leave the hotel where I normally and since it had been booked some time ago for the next days. No problems the other hotel was equally good. On the day Tin Tin asked me to speak to a small group of students for during the time where there were little going on at the meeting. There were only 5 but nice. Then back to the meeting, there were people from different countries. One had been studying in Reading where I did my PhD. He discovered I was there and was going to tell Reading University about that. Tin Tin was normally close if there were something I could not understand. In the afternoon again I was lecturing to the same group of 5 but it was nice. Then for dinner in the new place.

22 October. Last day of the meeting of ISAP. It was nice to meet so many quite embarrassing so many know me or knew of me. There every group of 20 both women and men but mostly women who wanted me to be photographed with each of them! Seen my work in Rowet is still remembered by many regarding nylon bag in particular. They seem to think I am a very famous scientist much more famous that I think I am!

23 October. Now we can do something else. Normally I go to get the products produced by handicapped people. Nice thing which is sold easily to church or at the traditional meeting at the institute when I still come but no office anymore. Tin Tin took me to buy a lot. I spent more than 100 pounds but such a please to do. The women in-charge knew me well and while she could not walk she came out hug and wanted to be photographed with me. It is such a nice place. In the afternoon we again met up with people I had met before and also the students. Spent sometimes in my office to see what is happening and also how best to use my new computer which I had taken with me. There are many things there I had set up before. It is such a lovely place. Then evening a lovely dinner.

In the evening went to the Rotary club where I have been before. I was so welcome they seem all to know me. It is funny that here there are almost more women than men in the group ………hardly any women participants except speaking times!

24 October. A long trip out to see some of the projects the Orskov Foundation set up, so nice to see but Tin Tin wanted me to see a village where they have some big problem with water access. She asked me if it was possible for me to help to sort it out with some money needed. I said yes of course I can. It was lot may be max I can 1000 pound. Ok if needed I had just received money saved in Denmark So I can to help. On the Sunday had to go early to the airport on way to Cambodia. We went first to her house to collect something as she found it easier if she booked a place in the ………… she could get up early rather than get up even earlier from home.

25 October. Had to get up about 4 am and then to the Yogyakarta airport to get on the plane with all my luggage to Jakarta. Tin Tin took there and wished me a good time in Cambodia. I got there ok and then in the airport a long queue. Had to go vis Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and then to Phom Penh in Cambodia. Seemed the people here ok. I then travelled to Kuala Lumpur and from there to Phom Penh. Got there ok but a bit difficult to get though. So many things they wanted to see. Eventually I get through. I met a person outside who had been asked by Borin to collect me to the hotel in Phom Penh where I was going to stay. I met Borin there and then had a good sleep which I needed.