21/09/2015 - 26/09/2015

21 September Monday. Have been invited to attend a meeting in Slovenia by John Verbiz who did his PhD with me at Rowet many years ago. At the moment I am in France where I had to stop on the way. I have prepared some lectures. Hope all will go well. Will spend all week there until Saturday. Today is Monday. Got there a bit late due to some problems with Air France in Paris or some misunderstanding so instead of landing at Jublia and Slovenia at 12 midday I landed at 9 O’clock at night. Fortunately I had the phone number of John Verbiz. so I told him and he collected me at the airport at the correct time and took me to the place where I will be for the first 2 days.

22 September. Got up ok and soon John came to see me and then we went out to see a few places and in his home. We discussed in details of the meeting. I brought my slides of the best pictures for the people I would be lecturing to.

23 September. On the whole had such a lovely day. Speaking to a large group of people where all my English was translated to Slovenia for those who did not understand English. There were also a group of many other lectures where all papers were translated to English for people who did not understand the other language. I had several questions which were asked at the meeting and many people were asking many things I mainly spoke about my work internationally related to animals and poverty in some area. After the meeting we went out to see things close by and I changed my bedroom from the hotel to the home of John Verbiz.

24 September. Another lovely day. My lecture that day was very early. I was the only speaker who understood English. There were about 15. I showed them how animals have adapted to different climates and also how some people from Europe wanted to sell cattle but with no advantage of in fact they were not adapted to the climate and when you took photograph of them you could easily see. How interesting they were until it goes at the same time saw the cattle that have been there for years you could so easily see the difference between adapted and not adapted cattle. After all that we went out on a trip to see an old agricultural museum to see how the cattle were kept long time ago and their housed put together a few years ago so you could see the previous situations may be 50 years ago. After that we went to see small farm with brown cattle I had never seen before and how they were kept and milked and where they will be kept in the winter.

25 September. Now I am staying in the home of John Verbic and his wife and daughter of 10. We drove around many places to see museum and areas of mountains and type of trees. The old types of places where cattle were kept was shown. It is of course well known that some years ago Yougoslavia consisted of about 5 groups which about 20 years ago were separated to 5 independent countries. I went up with John on a travel and visited Slovenia very close to Italy or have a border with Italy to Rome where I have been many times when I worked for FAO and IAEA. It was such a lovely and friendly day.

26 September. Have now to prepare to get back to Scotland. We went first on a little walk nearby to see what was being sold of food etc. The country grow so much of maize most seen so many field with maize. Some of it was harvested and many not yet. After a nice dinner we went to Lubbinia airport to get a plane to Paris and from Paris to Scotland. This time I got a taxi to take me home so Joan did not have to wait as she sometimes did before if the plane came early or late. Jaze has already phoned me to see if I got home ok.