11/09/2015 - 13/09/2015

11 September. Both Joan and I on this trip we had to get up very early or about 5 to get the flight from Aberdeen to We got there ok but had to change in Frankfurt where waited 5 hours and then to Billing where Rotary from IKast came to collect us all. We were 17 all together. We were then taken to the place where we were going to stay and meet a few Rotarian from Ikast.

12 September. Up early in the morning to have a wonderful time. Travelling on the lake and lake is close to Himmelbjerget. Al last we could all see it. Had a lovely dinner in the ship in fact we could choose what we liked best. We were speaking to many both in English and Danish. Fortunately I can do both.
Saw many things I had not seen before but it was so nice to speak to so many from the Ikast with.

13 September. The day to depart. We had a wonderful meeting. There was one person with a car who took us back to Billung from where there was a plane to Frankfurt and there to Aberdeen. Arrived in Aberdeen at about to take a taxi to go home. We went pass the farm where I had been many years. Also the school where we at that time shared the playground with German soldiers. We also saw again the place where my parents are buried. On the whole a lovely trip I was given so many thank for setting up to connection between IKast and Westhill Rotary.