14/08/2015 - 18/08/2015

14 August. Arrived in Billund OK via Amsterdam but found over luggage package did not arrive. Spent some time at the airport to tell them about it. Jorgen was waiting outside and could not understood why we were so long. I was a bit angry about that long time since luggage was lost. When we arriving at Jorgen and Ruth home we had to go to a place to buy some clothes for sleeping.

15 August. This was the real family day held in a big place near to Holstebro. It was so nice most of my Danish family came see us all. It was really wonderful. We were having food with different groups at different times to speak to all of them. My eldest sister Krista was also there. We share the same birthday. She is 3 years older than me. Food was very good. Many of the people who visited us in Scotland recently were there.

16 August. Another nice day. We went to Videbak quite close to home first to meet up with my brothers wife. Unfortunately he died many years ago, he was 3 years younger than me. Then during the afternoon we went around to see where my 2 dead brothers were buried both Verner and Age. Then to Fielstervang where I was born. First to see where my mother and father were buried many years ago. Then through the village where we lived close to. Also saw the first small farm we had before. We got a bigger one called OStevgaard near to the village. We then went up to meet the people who presently live in these place. They seemed very happy to meet us again. I was trying to make a meeting with them next month when my Rotary club is visiting Ikast. They like to see where I came from as they did not see before. Tomorrow 17 we will meet up again with most of my sisters and brothers with most of them we will participate. A place close to Herning.

17 August. Again a lovely day met so many again. This time Poaul Erik also came to see me. This means that we have seen all my brothers and sisters who are alive. An other of my old friend I have not seen for years Haakon. Tried to phone him and was told he is at the hospital in Herning. Tried to call him at the hospital and got him in his mobile. He would love me to come tomorrow afternoon if possible. Apparently he had some problem but seemingly not serious. Call him today, got the number of the hospital room and got there on the way back from the meeting in where we had the meeting organised by my sister. We got there about 4 and he was sitting outside the hotel room waiting for me to come. When I arrived he was so excited to meet me again. We were together for about 20 minutes and back to Jorgan’s home in Ringkobing.

18 August. In the morning Joan and we went out at the seaside of Ringkobing with Jorgan lasting for about 1 hour. We also went out to do some shopping to buy few things not too far from Ringkobing. We then had a good dinner with Jorgen and Jytte. After that we went to Snejbjerg near to Hening to meet up with my sister Didde who took us to Billung to get a plane to Amsterdam. From Amsterdam we waited about 1 hour and then on the plane to Aberdeen where we hired a taxi to take us home. No problem with the luggage this time. Got home about 8 pm. It has been a lovely time to meet so many of my brothers and sisters and saw the place where all those who have died,Aags and Verona buried.