10/08/2015 - 13/08/2015

10 August. Had been invited to speak at a meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. Completely unexpected. I went by Lufthansa from Aberdeen directly to Frankfurt. Got a taxi to the place where a bedroom it was booked for me. I got there on and it seem well known I was coming. I could get a special place for eating. The German use Euro money not normally like that used.

11 August. Was given a call for wake up at 7 am in the morning and then shown where the meeting was to be held. When the meeting was started I was told to be the first speaker. I went to the programme and when I found that there was a picture of me but nobody has a picture listed as Bob Orskov. I was given the papers I had prepared. Starting with the group I went to the shed where we were showed the playground with German soldiers then sold from his and her my time in the army changed my route. I met up with colleagues will educate into Secondary education while I had only early education with only 7 years and even worked in the farm in summer time so could work in the farm as there was much to do in the Farm I felt I could do as much as these and tried to speak English. Had 10 evening classes in English then found there was a small job going in Lincoln in England. Then I decided to change my route but needed more money. As I came home a job in open coast coal work not too far from home for 9 months. Then went to a place in an agricultural School for 9 months and passed to go to University in Copenhagen. I did well in the University in Copenhagen, number 4 out of 90 and given money to study abroad for 2 years and I choose Reading in UK as I was able to speak and write English. I was to get an MSc but after one year my Supervisor said I should cancel the MSc and go directly to PhD. I decide to go but had to make some money to be sure to get a half time job on a small farm and manage to finish my PhD. Then I was offered a Postdoc time in Maryland USA for 18 months. And before I left I was offered a job at Rowet Institute in Aberdeen Scotland. I was offered the job by Kenneth Blaxter who was the leaders. Having told them about that I told about some of the most important things I did like the nylon bag technique. Understanding of the oesophageal groove in Ruminants and new techniques for preparing grain for ruminants.
After that I showed them a lot of pictures of the tropical areas I had visited and after what I did when FAO asked me to work for this occasionally and how it had made me to visit 80 countries etc.After that other people speak about what they were doing until the evening.

12 August. Started meeting again in the morning which was ok. Then it seem to me at the end I was given a speech medal with so many things for my lectures. Nobody else got it. Had time to meet many people somebody knew a lot about my work. Somebody was said they came specially since they knew I was speaking about my work even some from Mexico said so.

13 August. Had to leave to go home in the morning and arrived ok in Aberdeen in the morning where Joan came to collect me. To be prepared for the Danish family meeting starting August 14.