14/07/2015 - 19/07/2015

14 July. Arrived at Vietnam yesterday at night to Hanoi then had to get another short plane to Danang where I had not been before as Le viet Ly had moved there after he retired at the Hanoi institute where I have visited him many times. Having been to Vietnam about 30 times I am surprised I have not been here before. It is quite a new city but the third largest for populations no 3 after Hanoi. Le Viet Ly collected me and installed in a nice hotel. This morning I was collected together with a couple of friends to see the city and here I had a surprise. The city is closed to the sea but not too far a big mountain that was really made use of. A system has been made in 2 places where small groups were made to send up by a large system 5 km long to take them to the top of the mountain or near by about 5 km long and down by the same route beside it a system to bring the system back. There were 2 such systems. I have never seen anything like it. This year so far 1 million people have used the system. On top of the mountain so many other things have been built so nice and so many interesting building and artistic figures. I can understand it is being used a lot. Like to see it again. Then back to the city to see other things. There was particular a new building which had a large hotel but so many fantastic building.The place had been given a world prize for being the best building for 2014.
Tomorrow morning down to here to meet up Thanh again.

15 July. In the morning after saying good bye to Dr Le Viet Ly his driver took me all the way to Hue in south Vietnam close to the capital Ho Chi Minh. There Mrs Thanh met me up with and we went round a few places and also took me home where her father also live. He is very ill and has been in hospital for 5 months and now staying in his home where Thanh also live and help to cook after him. He was a very famous Vietnamese. He was tried to be caught by USA people as he was the leader of the communist party. He was looked after near his home and found his wife pregnant so they thought he must have been there. They were told it must have been somebody else mad e her pregnant! He is now 92 years and very ill. He was lying in a bed all the time but recognised me as I have seen him before. Tomorrow we will go out and see a few areas, may be also see some of the projects we set up some years ago funded by Rotary and Orskov Foundation. But not see easy for them to be too far away from her father.

16 July. Had another nice time in Hue. Went to see a few new things I had not seen before. I am now at the Hue airport on the way to Paris. Seem the flight is going to be bit late. Fortunately there are good times in Paris so seem no problems at getting home in time. Seem some problems in correspondence Joan wrote to Thanh as no news from me so I got it all in order. Seem some computer problems.

17 July. The trip to Hanoi from here was ok. Paid for the ticket by the Visa card. Amazing how a little card can be used to easily. Arrived in Hanoi no problems but it was beginning to be late. But no problem I am sure I will sleep at the plane. This time it was Air France who was flying with us. Had some nice time with a couple of people where after Canada after arriving in France.

18 July. Had a good sleep on the plane and also some good food. The light was switched off to make better sleep. I spent time at the lounge which I can use and eat and drink as much as I like. Long flight about 10 hours passing over Europe after Malaysia and other countries. Arrived in Paris in the early morning and then getting ready for the last flight to Aberdeen. Again I used the lounge with free food. We arrived at Paris at 0700 am and had to leave at 10 am for Aberdeen. Got plane ok.

19 July. Arrived ok at Aberdeen at 10 am. I asked Joan to pick me up at 11 am so time to get the luggage. She knows better she met me as soon as I got out She had arrived into parking area and ready to pick me up and we went directly home to Craigie Park for a good breakfast. Fantastic trip!