02/06/2015 - 08/06/2015

2 June. Seem a long time since I wrote. Now on way to Cuba Joan is with me this time. We are going up to Camerguay where Redimia is. He liked me to come to a meeting there to give some lectures so have brought my computer with me. We left this morning at 1140 then stopped and changed the flight in Paris but both Air France planes. The last few days or 5 days we had visitors from Denmark by 1 people of my family it was such a occasion.

5 June. Sorry to be late in writing. Arrived in Cuba ok but a little late. When we passed through the airport in Havana and there we lot to do we were met by 2 people a girl called Ingrid and an driver. I met Ingrid at a meeting last year and she and a driver took us to place where we were to stay for the night. A nice place. He seem to be friend of Redimia. The cost was not too much. Then in the morning of June 3 he took us to a bus that was taken us on the way to Camerguay. It stopped many place to let of some people and also stop to have a little to eat about 5 times. At about 6:30 we arrived in the city of Camerguay and here Redimia was waiting for us. So nice to meet up with him again though it was only last year I met him but not in his home only but Havana. There was a hotel booked for us a very nice one at no cost for us. June 4 had to give a lecture about some work I had done at Rowet relating to the oesophageal groove. I had about 1 hour Though the other speakers had only about 15 minutes each. My speech is given in English had to be translated to Spanish but seemed they all like it. Redimia was doing the translation.
Today has been closed. We also had time to do some shopping and see many places in Camerguay which Joan liked very much more to see. I have been 2 times before in Camerguay. Then there was a small meeting in the afternoon I was invited to attend and here to my surprise I was given a lovely piece of writing of what I have done in Animal Science publishing about 600 articles. They also gave me a little medal to put round my neck. A big surprise for me! Tonight of to a little party to see some dancing and had some music. Tomorrow night of to Havana in a small bus where we can sleep arriving in Havana in the morning after our plane to Amsterdam will be in the evening of June 7.

6 June. Time goes fast. This morning I was at the Camerguay University to give some lectures translated from English to Spanish. I spoke about my work in Africa and Asia about how animals or in this case ruminants how they adapt to different climates and how buffaloes have adapted to eat low N feeds by passing the purine derivatives in the urines back to the rumen so less N is needed in the field. They seemed to like it and congratulated on having done so much for animal nutrition. We then had dinner in the place where we stayed But tonight we had dinner at Redimia’s home and he just took us back. He has collected us in a car he has hired and take us to a bus starting at 0020 tomorrow morning arriving at Havana at 9 am in the morning. The flight to Europe in this event via Amsterdam and then to Aberdeen start at 1645 pm. Hope all will be well.

8 June. Now back after a lovely trip to Cuba. We arrived here at 2 in the afternoon. The last 2 nights we were not sleeping in a bed! From Camerguay we were taken at 12 in the evening arriving in Havana in the morning at about 8 am. There we were met by a driver to see again many parts of Havana. We also spent some times in a large shop selling all many things and then taken to the airport to go to Amsterdam at 2 pm. There was a 10 hour trip using part of the night then went to lounge in Amsterdam airport where I am always made welcome and can eat freely as much as you like at no cost. They also know how much air miles are on my account in fact enough to get a free trip to Cuba if I want. Joan has engaged it very much.