27/02/2015 - 10/03/2015

Feb 27. On the way to Indonesia, waiting in Amsterdam airport for the flight to Jakarta. Hope it will be a good flight- it will last 13 hours. Then change to another Garuda flight to Yogyakarta. Due to arrive at 7 pm, Feb 28. On this occasion no stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Feb28. Now in Jakarta. Had a long flight of 13 hours by Garuda Indonesia. First time I have done that on this trip. Had to wait 5 hours in Amsterdam and now also 5 hours in Jakarta to get the flight to Yogyakarta. It will be off in an hour. Have done a bit of reading in a new book I bought here. I hope the trip will be worth it. Tin Tin will meet me at Yogyakarta I hope.

3 March. Have had a couple of busy days. I was collected at the airport, had a meal and then taken to Puri Artha Hotel where I usually stay and had a good sleep. Sunday morning Kustantinah took me on small trips around. Then on Monday I was asked to lecture to many students listed as a joint meeting of the Department of Nutrition and International Feed Resources Unit which is very much alive here in the Department of Animal Science. The same today, Tuesday when I lectured most of the morning. Last night we went for dinner in a lovely place on the coast where I have never been before. It is just such a lovely trip.

4 March. Also today is going well. Went to listen to a talk by Tin Tin but all in Indonesian so I could not follow it well. About 11 we had time to drive to Yakkum to get some more things produced by handicapped children. Stuff I have been buying for many years to be sold at the church and the Institute. Last night we went to have dinner in a Japanese restaurant which was good and cheap. Later tonight I have been asked to go a Rotary meeting about which I have to tell Westhill Rotary Club when I return. Have just spent about an hour listening to a meeting on results from research using the nylon bag technique which I helped to developed at the Rowett

5 March. Again today had to give a lecture to a group of 2nd year students. thinking about what to do in Year 3 as they have to do little research programme for part of that year . It was a lovely time with many questions on research then later all who had taken part during the 4 days wanted to be photographed together and I had to be almost in the Centre! Now off to see our projects. We did not really see our projects but saw another community project based on chickens. 2 boxes containing 100 day old chickens came. They had first their eyes seen to by a drop of medicine-not sure what it was. Then let them free on the floor running around looking for feed. This is a very small one jointly owned by the community who can now decide what best to feed them with.

7 March. I was collected to go to another place to bring some grass and seeds to some land given to the University as a place for students to do experiments. There I also met small farmers. On the whole they kept cattle for fattening. The females produced calves for fattening, the only milk production being for the calves. The calves may be sold at 6 months old to be fattened. The female would generally be sold for producing more calves. It took us about 2 hours driving to get there. After that we went to another place not too far away which was more exciting – it was the place where we set up the first Orskov-Foundation project in Indonesia. Grant and I were both there to set it up about 8 years ago. The community members at that time were about 35 but the members now had grown to 78. Seems to be going excellently- the people in-charge remembered us from when we first set it up. The community get together once at month on a certain date. For this group the 5th of each month. For this it could be any day, it could be Sunday , could be Wednesday etc. It was wonderful to meet them. The group which is a women’s group had changed leaders as the woman in-charge had lost her husband who died. On the way back we stopped at a Chinese restaurant for the evening meal which was very good but quite different from the Aberdeen Chinese food! Tomorrow off again on a long trip.

8 March. Today another meeting day. We went out a long way to see how the farmers planted the new plants. The plants were about 1 metre long but they were cut into 3 pieces and stuck into the earth on the slope of a new river they had created. Like to see the results. On the way back we visited two other places. First one on the beach where there was a huge area occupied by people selling things. Going a bit further down there were people swimming in the sea. So nice and warm. Then you could have some good food. Fish were very cheap as they came from not far away. On the way we passed the bridge which we and Rotary set up many years ago. It was nice to see them again. I was recognised by most people and found my name as usual in several place and also name of Westhill Rotary on the entrance to the bridge. It has had an enormous effect of the development there. I will tell Rotary when I return.

9 March. Had to give a 2 hour lecture to young or undergraduate students. I told them a few things about animal research and there was a special interest by the students about the oesophageal groove mechanism in ruminants.
In the afternoon we went out to watch MERAPI. The mountain which erupts sometimes but this can generally be predicted. We went to see our joint Rotary ORSKOV FOUNDATION PROJECT. They now keep many goats. They used to keep cattle but hardly any cattle now. All goats seemed well fed and they sell a lot of milk at a good price. Price is four times more than cattle milk. They seem happy and on the 10th of the month they have a meeting regardless of what day it is (Sunday Monday etc) They are now a very big group.

10 March. Today last day of this trip. This morning I was speaking to only two students who wanted to do research for a coming PhD studies. I found a book Trials and Trials -it seemed to go down well and hence the book was published at Gajha Mada led by Kustantinah. They could read it later. Kustintinah is going to translate it to Indonesian language too. At the end, had to prepare travel back to Aberdeen. Kustantinah took me to the airport to get to Jakarta then get a plane back to Aberdeen. The first stop was Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. This is an airport where I have stopped many times and if you are travelling on what is called Sky priority you could go to a restaurant and do many thing. You could get a drink for nothing and get the use of a computer to send mails. I sent a message to Joan that I was well on the way. We then went to Amsterdam again had access to the lounge to eat and drink as much as you like. Then by plane again (KLM) to Aberdeen where Joan was there to collect me. It has been a lovely trip in all together. Just calculated that from 1985 when I started to write a travel dairy when I began to travel for FAO to many countries I have done 300 trips so this one was 301!