08/11/2014 - 17/11/2014

8/11/14. Have just arrived in Jakarta waiting for a flight to Yogyakarta. Long trip. Stopped as usual 1.5 hours in Kuala Lumpur after a 12 hour flight from Amsterdam. I got to the Garuda plane and here more people from Thailand were going to get to the AAAP meeting. I even had to be photoed with some of them here in the airport. Tin Tin will collect me at Yogya and take me to the hotel. First time being photoed in an airport! There is about 6 hour difference in time so this way losing time and going back gaining time.

10/11/14. Now at the meeting beginning. This morning a type of introduction from VGMThe Gadjah Mada Institute. Since I am an Honorary Professor I had to be dressed in a sort of black coat with a large black hat as all the other Professors were wearing. Not many already including 3 people from Copenhagen. They were quite surprised seeing me in black coat with the other GMU Professors. This afternoon we are practicing a paper on which I am co-author to be given at the AAAP meeting.

12/11/14. Today I should have been to the Orskov Foundation meeting in Hutton Institute but had to leave an excuse. Things are going well as the Sunday I also went to see some small farmers in Wonolagi near to the bridge we set up many years ago. Then in the afternoon also went to the project funded both by Rotary and the Orskov Foundation. All seem to be going well. The meeting is going well with sort of parties and entertainment every night. So many people to meet. There must have been about 100 people wanted to be photographed with me telling me that I am a very famous scientist etc. Anyway difficult to refuse! Gave a two hour lecture in the University this morning and then attending lectures in the afternoon of which 2 of them I was co-author. It went down ok I think. Again party tonight with music and singing.

12/11/14. Again a wonderful event for AAAP so much interesting going on. The 2 papers on which I am co-authors were given successfully. Today the Orskov Foundation meeting in James Hutton Institute which I could not attend. Also the day Joan had a stand at the Institute.So many peoples know me My science at the Rowett is still well known such as Nylon bag technique. I feel a bit spoiled . Am I really so important?

13/11/14. Today another interesting. We are going out to visit the important old places aroung Yogya and so many of them. The member of the AAAp meeting were divided into 2 groups. I went to a group who went to Prembanan. There were 7 busses going. I was in bus number 1. Each bus were going together to be seen not many in the group. I chose to go to a place called Prembanan. Very large old places built thousand years ago but it was all explained by expert s who took us around. Buddhist castles mainly with many Buddhist figures formed so many years ago. Remind me a bit what we saw in Orkney in August. There were also old Hindu castles equally old and nice to see.

14/11/14. Today was the last day of the AAAP meeting. A sort of farewell meeting and some rewards were given to the people chosen to give the best papers or shown the best picture at the posters Unit. There were also a set up to invited people to come to the next AAAP which will be held in Japan in November 2016. Hope I can be there too.

16/11/14. Now on way back. It has been a nice time. I forgot write that we also went to buy things from Yakkum, the place where nice things are made by handicapped people. I spent a million of rupees! but so nice. Joan wrote what she really liked to sell at church and other places. Shopping as usual at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

17/11/14. Now back. Joan collected me from the airport.