15/09/2014 - 22/09/2014

15/9/14. Arrived in Indonesia last night but too late to get to Yogyakarta. When I came to the airport it was very foggy. I found a few flight were late but fortunately KLM was in time to leave at the correct time. Arrived in Amsterdam as well at the correct time and got on the flight to Kuala Lumpur . I got a seat at the window and a women sitting in the middle. I happen to ask her where she comes from and it was Denmark! So I spoke to her in Danish of course. After a 14 hour flight we arrived in Kuala Lumpur. I thought KLM would continue to Jakarta after a short stay but I found that I had been changed to go by Garuda Indonesia to Jakarta after waiting 2 hours but KLM got after 1 hour. As it was good spent more time at the place where I often go when I am at the Kuala Lumpur airport. They have computers etc so you can write emails etc. After 2 hours I went by Garuda to Jakarta. Excellent food on the plane. When I arrived a person that I met at Jambi in April came to collect me and took me to a hotel belonging to the airport which in this circumstances was free with no cost at all and a very nice room. So now at the airport to travel by Garuda Indonesia to Yogyakarta in a few minutes. Hope the meeting in Yogyakarta will be nice. I will stay again in Puri Artha where I often stay when I am there. Tin Tin will collect me from the airport.
16/9/14. Now in Puri Artha. Arrived in Yogyakarta this morning at 11 am and as expected was collected by Tin Tin and Buties stopped for dinner and then the office to work. Nice to be there again. Made the local computer work ok with correspondence etc. Then a meeting to organize meeting for students and also teacher. In the morning lectures and afternoon doing analysis. Hope it will be ok. I think there will be 30 participants.
17/9/14. This has been a nice and busy day. After breakfast Tin Tin collected me about 7 to go to the University. After checking email the meeting began. There were about 4 participants. It went down ok and many questions I talked about the development of the nylon bag technique and how it was developed and what led to it. It seemed interesting for them and then talked about how we got an understanding on how the oesophageal groove work. It was nice to do. In the afternoon some lab work was going on in many groups from the meeting. There were so many people waiting to see me again and get photos with them. Did not sleep well last night. I had also forgotten how to control the temperature in the room. There would be someone from the University coming with some papers I have to fill in. Tomorrow lecturing again but it is enjoyable to do again. Hope to have a lovely night and a nice day tomorrow.
18/9/14. Again a very nice day. Lecturing again in the morning about grain processing based on my early work at Rowett regarding salt fat and also sodium hydroxide treated grain for cattle which was interesting for us. In the afternoon seeing students doing some works and meeting. So many wants to be photographed with me. In the end a photo of all contributor to the meeting. Tomorrow night there is an arrangement for a dinner for the people who contributed. Then night we went to a Japanese restaurant where I have been before. Have to lecture to new students tomorrow morning and after that no more real work.
19/9/14. Had a wonderful time lecturing to the students about 250 in class for 2.5 hours. Then question time then we went to the place I have known for years Monalagi with bridge which we took on many years ago. Then we had to help students to set up some experiments with goats and weigh the feeds they have to be given daily. Different types of feed and different protein content. All the villages were involved to get it done. So nice to see the place again with goat project we started now several years ago funded by Westhill Rotary. Then back to the final party. We were about 11 of the members who had arranged it all. It was again a very nice little farewell party. I was even given a lovely present a new blue batik shirt. I think Tin Tin had bought it.
20/9/14. This morning busy again took on my new shirt and it fitted well. Then was lecturing for 2 hours to Post doc students or about 2 years towards their PhD. Again a lovely time. I tried to explain to them how animals for thousands of years have adopted to different areas due to climate, feed supply, time of feeding. How fat is distributed different due to climate. It seem to go down well and they wanted several pictures of me with the student group. After working in the office for a couple of hours here after lunch, we went out to a place to do some shopping buying new things to use myself for the foundation. Tonight dinner in a Chinese restaurant which was quite a change. Tomorrow out to Merapi volcano.
21/9/14. This morning went by car to Merapi the volcano which break up occasionally. Last time in 2010 it was very serious. Several villages were destroyed but so far when it will occur can be predicted but not to the extent. We went up to see the effect. I had never seen before so much damage with stone spread all over. However people are now taking advantage of it carrying lorry full of stones down to cities and using them for buildings etc. There are also many tourists coming to see the damage and many shops were built to take advantage of so many coming to see to sell. There is also an area where about 12 of those who lost their life are buried. Special types of car are made to go up to hill towards the top of the volcano Merapi where I had been several times. So nice to see again.
22/9/14. Had a message by email this yesterday that my trip from the ticket for Kuala Lumpur to Paris by Air France had been cancelled. Had an another note from KLM to book my flight to Aberdeen.
Of to the office at 8 am tomorrow and get the last thing done. Went on a small trip to see the project supported both by Orskov Foundation and Westhill Rotary. It has made lot of progress. Big seller of goat milk and no cattle any more. There are now 200 goats there with 32 families’ involved and 138 people. What a progress I feel proud of being involved in setting it up both by Rotary and Orskov Foundation.