29/8/14. Arrived at Kirkwall in Orkney ok at about 10 pm in the evening and we had a room booked for us in Kirkwall hotel. Another very nice hotel and good food and nice people. In the morning of 28 or yesterday were we off again and see many fantastic place in particular a place called Scara Brai. There were things collected with roots 4000 years ago. There was so much to see. In parts of it the weather was not as good as it was in Shetland. It was raining a lot part of the time. I and a few more left the bus to see some stones built 4-5000 years ago. Some of the large stones were about 2 metres high but all was written about their history. I got a bit wet but when I got back in the bus my trousers dried quick. There were even old farms from 2000 years ago. There were a sort of writings on the wall which was giving some message but no letters. It was from a time where no letters were known. I took a lot of pictures. There was also many thing. I bought a few book so I could read more about it. Many of the systems were developed after the Viking arrived via Norway. There were apparently a few battle. The Viking at that time were led by Odin and Thor as Gods but after a while were converted to Christianity. There were also signs of the second world war where Germans came via Norway on under water boats to explode large ships where hundred s of people were killed. We came back again in the evening to stay one more night in Kirkwall hotel. Again an evening to talk with group that came with us from Aberdeen. Today has been equally nice. We went to the North of Orkney instead. There were many unexpected things. During the second world war a group of Italian soldiers left Italy and were allowed to enter Orkney for safety they lost the war with Germany. They started to build an Italian Chapel. It was so nice and must have been a lot of work for the soldiers to do some of them must have been specialist in building. It is now been used for many local meetings. In the afternoon we went to see the Magnus cathedrals near to Kirkwall again many unexpected things about. The situations which lead to the building of the cathedral. The Bishop Magnus was killed in an island called Egilsay which means Egils island. I did not know I had an island! There were also a nice museum which was divided between materials from Iron age and thus Bronze age and to a room from 19 Century and one from the 20 Century. So many unexpected things to see from a period of about 4000 years. I have never seen anything like it of history. Never seen in England, Wales and Scotland. On the way back to Lerwick there was also a place with a film about how people met up to set up new systems new kings to rule. There are many books written about it. I bought a few small ones. We are now waiting for the ship taking us back to Aberdeen. The boat should leave about 11 pm and arrive tomorrow at 8 am in Aberdeen where the group from Aberdeen will leave. The bus which is still in the ship will then take the group further. Some people will be taken to Aberdeen Airport. After that the bus will stop in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow with the rest of the group who came with us.