26/08/2014 - 29/08/2014

26/8/14. All clear. Travel to Aberdeen tomorrow afternoon to enter the ship to take us to Shetland at 7 pm. Long time since I travelled on holiday by ship. Have read a lot about the story of Orkney starting about 3500 BC. Longer than there were much knowledge about UK. Many things have been found recently. Egypt is the best known country for thousands of years. Orkney is also now called the Egypt of the north. I really look forward seeing it. Seem difficult to understand that I have been to so many historical countries including Egypt but never seen Orkney only a few miles and sailing from here. After Shetland 2 days in Orkney but seemingly not so historical as Orkney. Orkney and Shetland used to belong to Norway. They were Viking Islands. They were given as wedding present to married a Scottish leader! There is also an island called Eglis Island so I have an Island there too! have never seen. Joking!

27/8/14. The trip I mentioned started yesterday at 7 pm from Aberdeen. We got a taxi to take us to the coast just before 6 pm. Just as we left we had a phone call to ask if we were still at home. Apparently, they expected us long before 6 pm. We managed to get there ok. Then we got a nice room to stay in and had our first dinner. The large ship was like a very large hotel with food and beds. Our room was 213 and we left Aberdeen at 7 pm and then out in the North sea. At first we could see the Benehie Mountain in Scotland. We arrived at Lerwick in Shetland about 7:30 am. Then a large bus took us on a long trip to the south of Shetland. We stopped many times to see many things. I was surprised how much to see. Field with many sheep and also some special horses called Shetland Ponies. A very small horse well adapted to the climate in Shetland. They were in the past also pulling machines and carried people on their back. It was an immense surprise then in the evening back again to a hotel in Lerwick where we had beds and foods and breakfast in the morning. All very enjoyable and sunshine all day.

29/8/14. This morning we left Lerwick again but went the other direction to the north of the island. The distance not so great as yesterday but equally interesting. So many unexpected things to see both Joan and I enjoyed it very much. At the North end there was the Shetland airport. I never knew they had good connection to Aberdeen by planes. Again many historical parts with memorial things from more than 1000 years ago. There was ruins from an old farm house about 1200 years old. I never thought that there was so much to see. In afternoon back again to Lerwick where we could do a bit of shopping and at 4:30 we had again to join the ship but now of the Orkney where we are arriving about 11 pm in Kirkwall. The capital of Orkney where we will stay in a hotel for 2 days and spend the day trip around the island of Orkney to visit many historical sites. In Shetland so much grassland and heatherland. The grass is mainly used for grazing sheep and a few cattle. The heatherland is not really used much but was in the past much used for peat and to provide fuel for home cooking as it was also in my home when I was young. Most of our fuel at home was peat. In the early summer we dug it at the lower end of our fields. So tomorrow seeing part of Orkney. We both look forward to tomorrow.