02/07/2014 - 07/07/2014

2/7/14. Now in Mexico. In fact I have been here since June 30 but got in late to Merida as I had to wait for an extra hour in Mexico city. It was due to leave 23:30 but left an hour later so arriving in Merida July 1st at 0:30. Huan Ku Vera called me but had to go through the normal situations. Got my travel done ok and got the visa.
Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. We went to the new office of the University and had a good time. Then back to Juan Ku Vera’s home and had a party with many old friends participating. Juan Ku Vera was playing on his guitar and we were even dancing. Then there was suddenly a lot of rain thunder and lightning but the place was covered. Then of to bed.
Today we started the meeting with many speakers. Unfortunately most was in Spanish which I do not understand. Juan Ku Vera translated some for me. Then at night a big party with lots of food and wine. Tomorrow morning I have to be a speaker about the nylon bag technique and new aspects of feed evaluation.

3/7/14. Wonderful day. So many people to see and speak to. I had to give the lecture today about new methods of feed evaluations. I think it went down well even in English or so I was told. In the evening we have been to a party.

4/7/14. Again a lovely day. Many things to see and meet many people. Had to give the last lecture today about many issues of research in Asia and problems they have but also many positive aspects. Went shopping for a while with a new friend from Brazil. Today Brazil was playing football with Uruguay in the world cup game. It was seen on TV. They won and he was course happy about that.
Tonight we were having dinner here in Juan Ku Vera’s home where I stay and 10 more from the meeting came. We have been singing and speaking all evening now midnight. It has been a wonderful day and a wonderful evening.

5/7/14. Again a lovely day but different. First we went out to the University where they are doing research with respiration chambers. All explanations were in Spanish. Found an article of Webster when he quoted a lot of my work! Then back by car. In the afternoon we went out to visit Ku Vera’s family. His father and mother and 3 sisters were there. We had some good food and drinks like beer. Ku Vera took with him his guitar to play with and his old father did the same. I took part with a couple of things which you shaked them made some lovely noise. The same I was seing yesterday. They gave to me as a present. Back to his house at 9 and now it almost 12 so off to sleep. I have to go all the way to Aberdeen again.

7/7/14. Now back in Craigie Park. Long trip. In the morning we went again to the University facilities to see the chambers to measure oxygen consumption and methane production etc. Then to do a bit of shopping in a large area with both Juan Ku Vera and Patricia. Then went for lovely dinner in a nice restaurant and then off to Merida airport in good time got the luggage sent away and should come all the way to Aberdeen on 3 flight, Meria Mexico city and Mexico city to Amsterdam and then Amsterdam to Aberdeen. Got Mexico city ok. Had to change from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 where KLM was waiting but ended up to be about 2 hour late departing. There was some problem with my seat which I complained about. I showed my KLM card and they moved me up to first class which was very comfortable but we arrived in Amsterdam late only less than 1 hour to get the Aberdeen flight. Arrived in Aberdeen ok but my luggage was late but was delivered by car today. Nice trip all together. So many to meet again and they all seem to be satisfied with my lectures. I even got a special present. Joan was collecting me in good time. So now back.