26/05/2014 - 30/05/2014

26/5/14. Now in Frankfurt arrived from Aberdeen this morning left home 3:45 am the flight was 5:30 am. So no just changed plane to go to Dubai and from Dubai to Addis Ababa Ethiopia to a meeting on biogas etc. The airport here a bit complicated but the people were very helpful. Due to arrive in Addis Ababa at 10:20 pm tonight. Have to get a visa and then hopefully a bust to the hotel. Have also to go to see a community project the Rotary club has funded .I have promised to go to see how it is going?
The plane has now stopped in Saudi Arabia. I think 90 % of the passengers have left here. The passengers for Addis Ababa stay on the plane can not get off as for instance in Malaysia and no passenger from here get on to the plane so almost empty. They are apparently getting some fuel from here which I believe is very cheap. Have been reading the Economist on the plane. There is a lot about the election in India where Modi has been elected.

27/5/14. Had a lovely day here. It took a bit of time last night to get visa and get luggage etc but when I came to the outside of the airport there was somebody from the hotel waiting for me.
Today we have had lectures etc and I heard many issues about Biogas the main title of the meeting was concerning Biogas. In the evening 13 of us went out to a restaurant to share a good meal. It was nice. When we return there was a wedding on. I came part of the floor where it was and was insisted to participate in the dancing. I was doing this for 15 minutes or so by now bed time 11 pm.

29/5/14. Yesterday was a day for travel long way out to see many things and speak to farmers about biogas etc. There was very little set up but some are very interested in setting up something like that. Here cattle are used for cultivating land with ploughs harrow etc. Many donkeys used for transport of things but many horses, also many sheep and goats. We stopped at Debri Zeit a city I visited many years ago when I was a consultant for ILCA. This is now taken over by ILRI. Tried to call ILRI to speak to friends who now work there. In fact the first Chairman of Orskov foundation now work there. Then at night 7 of us Europeans were invited to a party at Bedrus family. Bedrus work at James Hutton. It was a wonderful event. Good company , excellent Ethiopian food and finally dancing!

30/5/14. We had again a long day. Already many participants have left. Jo Smith also left for Uganda where she will be for a few days. Today was aimed at discussion not too many people may be about 20. Then Jo Smith had come with film we did in Vietnam17 years ago which included a biogas set up which also feeding fish in the pond where the outflow from the biogas to be went. I had to introduce it and answer some questions. I was going to leave on Sunday. Today is Friday. I was going to see a Rotary Club project but could not because of the leader of the project was not there. So I tried to se if I could change the return ticket to Friday rather than Sunday. I phoned the FCM in Aberdeen and managed to change the ticket to Friday. So off soon from the hotel at 8 pm to get the plane at 10;30 pm together with another speaker from Aberdeen. When I sent a message to Joan that I was coming earlier she wrote that this has not happened before! Sunday apparently some Birthday food is given to the church. Now back in Craigie Park.
We had to leave Ethiopia for the plane at 22:30 so left the hotel at 20:00. There was another chap from Aberdeen at the meeting from the University so we were together. No problems we got the plane in good times and as before we stopped at Dubai and then to Frankfurt in Germany where the plane to Aberdeen left 3 hours after arrival. The flight to Aberdeen was only about 2 hours. Joan was at the airport where she parked the car and waited for me inside the airport but I did not see her and went out waiting for her but after sometime rang her on the mobile and she was inside the airport waiting for me !Arrival was 10:30!