25/5/14. Birthday Celeberation
So much to write about. 24/5 my Birthday or 80 Years Birthday. Joan organised a fantastic day. Trevor and Christine came from Durham. Torben and all family from York. Kirstie came from Edinburgh and they all stayed with us. The big celebration was at the Institute where we hired the kitchen and two large rooms. There were about 50 guests. Had about 20 Birthday cards all with 80 on it. Grant Davidson, Ian Gordon and Anne Maria and Trevor, Mads Trolberg were there too. We got back home about 1 at night and had a bit to eat. It was such a wonderful Birthday to celebrate. Joan did so much work to make it nice. We had a band to play music and we had many dances even the five year old Ruby was trying to dance. I have a feeling I was the oldest at the party and she was the youngest!