22/04/2014 - 28/04/2014

22/4/14. APRIL Arrived yesterday after a long trip starting April 20 Easter Sunday at 1730 from Aberdeen. Had a nice trip and met interesting people on the plane. Had to wait longer than predicted in Jakarta. Today up early Dewanti visited me shortly and Tin Tin colleceted me at 9 in the morning. Today I was lecturing for two hours to Post Graduate Students. There were 5 of them we had a good time together. I have to do the same tomorrow. I have been shopping in the city with Dr Nanung who got his PhD in Glasgow recently. Had a long email from Bill Flatt about his trip to Cuba to meet Redimi etc. He seem very pleased with his trip and thank me for my help. He may be visiting Scotland soon to meet up with me and Joan again and us meeting his new girlfriend after his wife died. Will write more tomorrow. Still working on the lecture I have to give in Bogor. Tin Tin is helping me but she is also the co-author!

25/4/14. Now in Bogor arrived 24 April at night from flight to Jakarta and taxi to Bogor a four hour trip with so much traffic on the road from Jakarta. We were met by many including Dewi. Tin Tin came too but she is not feeling well. Today I had to give my speech or key note speech the one I have worked on for a long time and Joan typed it. I was a bit nervous but seemingly all was well. We were 8 Key note speakers. In fact at the end we were all given a gift to take home a small goat with all written on it. Tonight was a lovely dinner for all. It was so nice at the end they asked the people from each country to come up and say something or sing. I was the only one from United Kingdom so I had to go up again. I said I have already made my performance early in my speech which went down well. At the end all wanted to be photographed with me including a lot of young students girls and boys!
Tomorrow many lectures again. It is such a lovely meeting. Now I better go to bed and get up in the morning.

26/4/14. Had another lovely day but not so busy as yesterday but so many people to see. I feel as usual a bit bad so many people may be 100 came up to tell me that they know me and want to be photographed with me! Difficult to say no! There are people from so many countries and yet I am the only person from UK. Tomorrow from 8-12 See and exhibition close to here and then at 12 or so of to the airport to get a flight at 19. So much traffic expected! Hope to get there in good time. Will be back again in September to help to arrange a meeting in Yogya AAAP meeting, Asia Australasia meeting. Had dinner with Radimi tonight. She was going to bring some money for my last trip to Jambi but still not there.

28/4/14. Now on way back I am writing from Amsterdam airport. Last day in Bogor was also nice but I have to leave to Jakarta airport at 12 pm due to expected much traffic. The plane was at 6:45 am. We got there at 2 pm but the 2 people who took me there were very interesting students. We had dinner at KFC in the airport and had a lot of talk. I showed them a few things also my book The Trails and Trials which is printed in Indonesia. Tin Tin is selling them so I told them to get in touch with her to get a book. We came as usual via Kuala Lumpur. I was asked to move to a better seat than the one allocated to me. The women sitting beside me turned out to be from Sweden. She had been visiting her family in Australia. So next plane is to Aberdeen. Joan will collect me. I hope I will try to call her but so far it seem not to work.