07/03/2014 - 11/03/2014

Got to Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta ok. Then went with the latest plane to Yogyakarta and met by Kustantinah. Got to Puri Artha Hotel paid for by Gadjahmada. Lectured and the morning spoke to two groups in Gadjah MADA University and then in the afternoon of to the airport again to go to Jambi University. They invited me to come and pay all the travel . So today gave a short lecture about or twelve minutes which seemed and an expensive lecture as the cost of travel was about £1000.00. It was most enjoyable so many people wanted to meet me again and have photos taken with me! It has been a busy but lovely day. Tomorrow of to go to oil palm plantation to see a few things. In my lectures I mentioned why they imported cattle from Australia when they had the facilities in the oil palm plantation to fatten several millions of cattle and at the same times benefit the yield of oil palms. Seem to go down well. Have to start early in the morning so must go to sleep. Will continue tomorrow.

7/3/14. Went on a trip to the oil palm places which was very interesting again. They were keeping animals in a large building mainly Bali cattle and Ongola cattle and collecting materials from the oil palm plantations to give to the cattle after a lot of preparation of the feed also mixed in some kind of cassava roots. I gave them some advice and discussed many issues with them about how but to prepare the feed and why not keep the animals in the plantation like you always see in Malaysia. After that went to Jambi and did a bit of shopping. Tonight we will be visiting Ramdi. She will collect us at 7 what a wonderful visit to Ramdi’s home and so much good food even Durian was served for me and the others including Tin Tin. Again many photos were done again with me in it together with the mother etc of Ramdi. The fish served were the best I have had for a very long time. Now back to sleep. Tomorrow out again to see many things with my former Indonesian student Wigate. She will be here at 9 am. One more day in Jambi tomorrow is Saturday going home via Jakarta on Sunday arriving in Aberdeen at 8:10 on Sunday. Long day rather than short days on the way home.

8/3/14. The day out with Wigate and her family to see so many things mainly Rubber trees and how to produce Rubber used by people such as Rubber tyres for cars etc. I have never seen before in such details. Got a few pictures to illustrate how the rubber is collected from the rubber trees.So much I did not know!

9/3/14. Today is Sunday last day in Indonesia. This time we went together to an old museum set up by Buddhist many years ago or about 500 years ago. We went round the temples on a hired by cycle so we all went on bicycles. Long time since I was using a bicycle but seem ok. Then we stopped at a restaurant on the way back to the airport where also Ramdi joined. She gave me a nice present of a batique shirt and also present for Joan.

10/3/14. I am now writing them in the airport of Jakarta. We left Jambi at 1:20. Tin Tin came on the same flight she is of back to Yogyakarta. When I look back on this trip it has been one of the best to Indonesia so many new things eg Rubber trees and how it is used and sold! So many new friends. They all seem to know me or know of me! I also met a chap from here who had his degree from KVL in Copenhagen where I got my first Degree! We were almost speaking a bit of Danish to each other.

11/3/14. It has been a relatively short trip left Monday afternoon and back the next Monday morning but such a nice week. Some problem here is that somebody had set a fire to a very large plantations so later they can plant oil palms. The result so much smoke everywhere we can not see the sun and in the evening. The sun looked like the moon in the light but no moon to see later. How can they do such things so much smoke climate change caused by humans. It is sad to think about. It has been a nice trip.