22/11/2013. I am now in Yogya arrived ok on November 22 set of from Aberdeen Nov 21 at 5 pm. The plane taking me from Jakarta to Yogya was very late and Tin Tin was waiting for long. We went out to visit 2 projects yesterday and had a lot of children clothes to distribute but all seem ok. Then today was very busy doing some shopping but not much. Yakkum where I am going after lecturing tomorrow was closed yesterday. Went to the beach never been before. Tin Tin took me there Sue said she would come here today but never did so far.

24/11/2013. Seem the trip to Sri Lanka is ok so far. Lecturing tomorrow must get used to write more. Bu Yuni came to visit me tonight she may take me to Yakkum tomorrow. We had a long talk about her visit to Denmark next month.