25/10/2013. Got to Denmark ok on 25. Went from Aberdeen to Esberg at 1030. I was collected by Jorgen at the airport and we went then by a coast road up to Ringkobing where we had our lunch and dinner and made us ready to go to Holstebro for Svend Eriks funeral. I phoned Qve Thusguard who lives in Holstebro. I suggested it may be best if he came to Ringkobing Saturday as it would be different to meet him at the funeral. We went together with Jorgen and Jytte and Andreas Jorgens son to Holstebro for the funeral. It was a well organised funeral. The priest told many things about Svend Erik. In the last 5 years he lost his mind so to speak which was not easy for Ingrid and the family. During the last 5 months he was almost forcefully put into a home and in some respect tied to his bed. All his family were with him when he died. After the service we went to the church where he was buried. Jorgen helped to carry out the coffin. When this was complete we went to a restaurant for a final meeting with family and friends. I had a letter from Joan to Ingrid. I helped to translate it to Danish. It was again a nice celebration. I gave a little talk on our meeting in Lombok many years ago when he donated a small tractor to the village to increase the speed of getting the next crop into the rice field which was a huge success which was later copied by Westhill Rotary which set up another project in Lombok. I sent a letter to Dewanti in Lombok about Svend Erik. Her response was May god bless him always.

Yesterday Qve Thusguard came to visit me here in Jorgens or Jytte’s home in the afternoon . In the morning Jorgen and I went to visit my mother and father’s grave. Then we drove to Nar Vium to visit Verners grave and then to Vorgad to see Ages grave in the church yard.

It was very nice to meet up with Qve again and had a long talk with him about many things. He spent 5 years in bed being ill and his wife is not very well and could not come with him. So this afternoon back to Aberdeen from Esberg. Very expensive but that what it is.