Came back to Aberdeen from Esbjerg ok. All well on the trip Torben down loaded his family at Legoland in Billund and then took Joan and I to Esbjerg to get the flight to Aberdeen. Had one hour at CRAGIE Park then off again to go to Indonesia. Forgot to bring my computer so Joan brought it to the airport in time! Then stopped in Amsterdam and Kaula Lumpur in time then by Garuda to Surabaya where I was met by Trianti in University car and then 3 hours drive to Malang arrived at 2 am. Then found that I was the first Keynote speaker at 9 am. Fortunately it went well but a bit tired. The hotel was a University hotel with very good service. Met up with so many people and wanted to be photographed with me as has happened before. The first day was busy. At night a welcome party Had to sing the solo song with Trianti and others and do some dancing. Lovely time. Next day also busy but very nice to meet so many I had not seen for long. Then the third day a trip to Bromo mountain and on the way visited research stations one was concerned artificial inseminations etc. We were about 20 on the bus. Stopped at a small hotel for a few hours but up at 3 am to get to the highest mountain to see the sun rise at 6.05 am. Correct timing so nice to see. The mountain was about 3000 m up. The sun rise was accurate! At 6.05 am it started to be tight and at 615 it was daylight. So nice to see. Later to the Bromo mountain which I saw many years ago but there had been some eruptions. Next day September 2 had to lecture to students from the University on Livestock . Told stories about nylon bag and oesophageal grove reflex. Then the food processing story. In the afternoon of with Trianti and driver to a new museum with animals from all over the world and so many pictures of animals in different places in the world. Never seen anything as good as that. Then of to Surabaya to get a plane to Yogyakarta where I was met by Nannung who took me to Puri Artha hotel. Arrived at 930. I have stayed in Puri Artha many times. Today worked in my office and also spoke to students. I will do the same tomorrow. Tin Tin collected me this morning. Then of again to a meeting in the morning. Have to leave in the morning at September 5 to Surabaya to get a plane back to Aberdeen.

5 September 2013. Now waiting in Sarabaya for plane to go to Jakarta to get the plane home via Amsterdam. On September 3 had a lovely dinner set up for me with 6 participants. Then back to participate in a morning meeting to a welcome event for new students arriving at UGM. I was invited and introduced to the students as well as all other teachers and Professors. I was certainly considered as one of the UGM teachers. About 15 teachers were there and Tin Tin was also introduced. Ali Agus who is now the leader of the Animal Science Department made all the introduction and said some nice things about me. Then in the afternoon of to the goat project supported both by the Rotary and Orskov Foundation to set up experiments for many students about methods of protecting protein degradation of soya bean meal in this case using Formaldehyde. So nice to see how UGM students benefit from the project and indeed the farmers too. The day before I helped to mix the Formaldehyde with the soya bean concentrate. Long time since I did that but the students I think enjoyed my participation! Came back and had dinner with Tin Tin at the Puri Artha hotel and was taken to Yogya airport for Surabaya from where I am waiting for the plane to Jakarta.

Have had severe problems with hotmail email again. Have to change my password again. Not sure what happened? May be using the official computer in Abeltoft shop. I may have made a mistake in log in. We have tried to correct it but not succeeded yet. Criminals are using the system. Letters have been sent to many telling them I am in Paris and my money stolen. Last time when I was in China my friends were told that I had lost my money in New York so please send money to an address in Paris this time. I hope those who receive will see the lies as the same friends received the letter when I was in China telling them about my problems in New York. I am not sure what best to do. So soon of to Jakarta. Have booked in already and spending time in Garuda lounge. Had note from Joan who also received the criminal letters.

5/9/. Still more problems with hotmail. The last hacking said I was in Africa on research activities but had lost my money. Babita helped me to cancel the hotmail altogether.
The trip back to Aberdeen was ok. Landed in Jakarta in good time. But the KLM flight to Kaula Lumpur was 1 hour late so I was afraid I might not be in Aberdeen in time. We stopped the usual 2 hour in KL. The wind enabled the flight to Amsterdam to arrive in time even 5 minutes early! So arrived in Aberdeen in good time.