24/8/2013. Again not writing many. Today 26. The family party in Denmark was 24 ie; last Saturday. We arrived by air to Esbjerg on 22 arriving 1300. Torben came by ship with his car and arrived almost the same time as we arrived. This was expected so we drove in his car to Abeltoft where Torben had hired a summer house for one week. He came with Ruth and his 2 children Ruby and Harvey. After arrival we went to see the sea only 5 minutes walk from the house. On Friday shopping at different places in Abeltoft. A lovely city with many historical sites. Then on Saturday the big event. The family party in Ryongaard city. So nice to meet so many of our family. There were 75 participants. All my brothers and sisters alive were there except Poul Enk. We arrive for dinner and then later coffee etc and a lovely evening meal. There was sports for the kids and even for people like me! Playing a sort of football and golf. We also went to a church and where Mogens and Elly’s son were buried. So many I could not recognize of my cousins. It was a wonderful event organised by Niels Jakab. Jorgon’s son came back Abeltoft about midnight. In the Sunday morning we went to the Djurs Summerland. A large project set up by a Company with so many interesting things. Travelling by boat to see many African things like artificial monkeys and elephants. We had a ticket so all was free except food you bought. You could go swimming. We could get a type of car going up in the air and down as banner. It was quite dangerous I felt but all was taking care of apparently no accidents for many years. Today had visit by Torben Hvelplund and his wife. He studied with me many years ago and we have met up many times since then. He came here at 10 and stayed for a couple of hours so nice to meet him again. Then on afternoon we were at the beach for a couple of hours and played Viking games with Ruby and Harvey and indeed ourselves.

Tomorrow of again to Aberdeen. 3 hours drive to the airport in Esberg then 1.5 hours to Aberdeen. After 3 hours stop in Aberdeen of to Indonesia to a meeting in Malang. Hope I make it all ! Now off to bed.