25/7/2013 CHINA JULY
On plane from Paris to Guangzhou. A very long flight about 14 hours. I think it was going to be Air France but though it has AF number on the ticket it is China Southern. A bit boring it is officially afternoon but really night time. I have to change flight in Gungzhoe and go up to Langzhou. Hope it will not be too complicated the plane was late leaving Paris. So what else. Had to get up at 4 am. Joan took me to the airport. Very foggy no sun today but the last week has been very warm in Scotland.

Have problems with internet. Window team wanted to get info or they said otherwise they would close my account. I was stupid enough to believe this and have had a message that somebody sent to Abroes for ATPS wanted to get money as I was stuck in New York with no money! Do not know what to do may be Chen can help me. He is good at that. Wish I could fall asleep on the plane where I am.

31/7/2013. Time flies. After a long flight arrived at Guangzhou airport and found the ticket to take me to Langzhou. Got there ok. It was a 3 hour flight. Had to change the luggage myself to the plane. At Langzhou airport SAADC students were there looking for me to get a bus to the city of Langzhou. From there to the hotel was easy. No meeting first day. Next day arrival time and all set for the meeting on 28. A real welcome meeting and welcome dinner at night. Many speakers - on 29 had to give my paper the first of them. On 28 Reg Preston should have been there with a paper and also act as chairman of a session. He did not turn up. He had apparently lost his passport so I had to be chairman instead of him. I also had to be a chairman of a session on 29 at the session after I had spoken. Was my paper appreciated? I think it was but I went a bit over time so no time for questions.

On 30 July we went on a tour to the highlands to meet up with the Yak cattle and other wild life which I had seen before. It was the white Yak not to the brown or almost black Yak I had seen before. Their function is similar. Adapted to low oxygen. Their calving interval is about 2 years. The white tail of the Yak with long hair on the tail is apparently very valuable at slaughter. It is sold for dressing people at shows. Never seen tails like that and sold expensive. Got back ok for dinner but it was 2 to 3 hour bus drive from Langzhou.

Today has been a bit boring. We had a so called farewell dinner last night and celebrations of the meeting or SAADC meeting tonight.

1/8/2013. Now sitting at the airport lounge in Langzhou on way to Guangzhou to meet up with Chen. Thanh and her daughter Bong is here as well. They were both allowed to come to lounge here because of my flying blue platinum card which allowed us to get into the priority line as well! Chen will be waiting for us in Guangzhou. So far very nice. We were going to have breakfast before we left but too late but here in the lounge we had a free lovely breakfast. Trying to get a ticket for Nanning.

5/8/2013. So much has happened since I last wrote. Arrived in Guangzhou and was as expected met by Chen. He had arranged a good hotel for us and we had a lovely time. First we had 2 hours of massage all over the body for 2 hours then away for a lovely dinner. Next day of to Quantor via Guangzhou to the big Company Chen had promised for me to lecture to. We spent a long time there to prepare the lectures in fact it took until 1230 at night. That city, Qingdao, is on the east coast a large city never been before. Next day lecture to a group of about 20 but it was sent through teleconference setup to 15 more locations at different places in China so may have addressed about 1000 people, I do not know. We had many questions from the audience in many places. After that we had a lovely dinner where they expressed their thanks for coming. This Company, Liuhe Group, may be the largest feed mill in China having 36000 employed with them selling poultry feeds and pig feeds mainly. But also some feed for dairy cattle. We returned back to the hotel in Guangzhou and had a good time next day.

I am now in the China Southern lounge in Guangzhou waiting for the plane to Paris and from Paris to Aberdeen due to arrive in Aberdeen at 11 am. The flight from here to Paris is 13 hours, the time change is 7 hours so it is going to be long days.

This morning Huang Yi and another student came to visit me and we went on a trip to all Eco farm with like a large garden inside Guangzhou with so many fruits also maize and many vegetables. It was very hot temperature above 30 ºC. We had to wait for a taxi to take us back not so easy when it was so hot. The trip to Nanning was very nice to meet so many friends like Wang and his wife and other people I know from our project time. They insisted to pay the lovely accommodation in a new hotel. Had to get to the Nanning airport in good time.

Tried very hard to get hotmail working again with a new password. I did not succeed but Chen came and got it going again. The criminals who stole my password sent a letter to at least to 100 of my friends telling them that I had got stuck in USA and lost lot of money asking friends to donate 5500 so I could get away home. . I was in China! Hope nobody sent any but it was not a nice experience. I was told by officials of the hotmail internet that my account would be cancelled unless I gave them information about date of birth etc. also my password. Here I did such a stupid thing thinking it was real but they turned out to be criminals. So on way back soon stopping in Paris. Joan told me our old cat had been killed on the road. Hope all well at home. Next trip to a family party in Denmark in 2 weeks time then of to Indonesia again.

6/8/2013. Now back stopped in Paris then Aberdeen. When we passed the Rowett I said to the passenger next to me I used to work there. He said I know a few people working there my next door neighbour. Asked what was his name? He said Bill Wainman. So we sadly had something to talk about. I told him I was at the funeral of Mav’s his wife in Kintore then the chap in front of me said you used to give lectures to me or teach me at the University! Joan came very soon after I was ready so back for lunch then off to the office in the Institute!